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Home Gossip Zuleyka Rivera Responds to Haters After Grammy Performance: Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Zuleyka Rivera Responds to Haters After Grammy Performance: Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Ayush Rayamajhi Sun Feb, 2018
Zuleyka Rivera Responds to Haters After Grammy Performance: Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Universe 2006, got down to the stage at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards and gave a performance with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. 

While some loved her performance, others took issue with it, criticizing the Puerto Rican for her performance. Her revealing dress up for the event and provocative moves on stage were disliked by many who felt that she was doing no more than acting like an eye candy.   

Zuleyka Rivera at the Grammy

Zuleyka Rivera at the Grammy

Source: People

Later, after the ceremony was over, Rivera gave her answer to her haters and critics, most of whom took offense at her dress, by posting a video on Instagram wearing the same dress. 

Zuleyka Rivera dress and performance at the Grammys

It was Zuleyka's first Grammy and a debut performance in the ceremony with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. Earlier in the award, Lady Gaga had performed her songs Million Reasons and Joanne. She mentioned that she was very excited to perform with the stars of the music industry.  She wore a nude color dress and gave a sensual performance in the song Despacito.


Although the song was unable to win an award for the song of the year, the live performance featuring two handsome hunks and a supermodel surely ruled the stage.


Alegria y satisfacción así describo mis sentimientos en este instante. Anoche viví otro momento memorable en mi vida donde los ojos del mundo fueron puestos en el nombre de Puerto Rico. Una isla que ha sufrido lo que nunca en este último año pero un isla que sigue dando talento y alegría al resto del mundo a través del arte. Ayer fue una noche histórica donde la música latina se abrió paso. Mis segundos en tarima fueron un sueño hecho realidad, un sueño al que le agradezco a la academia por su iniciativa de invitarme y llevar ese toque de sensualidad a esos premios. Vestuario? Presentación? Premios? Galardones?. Para mi nada importa más que la genuina satisfacción de que estos boricuas hayamos hecho historia nuevamente. Es tiempo de unirnos y seguir triunfando juntos como latinos. @luisfonsi y @daddyyankee junto con #despacito SON LOS GANADORES DE LA NOCHE . . . P.s. (El día en que todos aquellos que han hecho malas críticas pisen un escenario de los grammys ese día su opinión contará, mientras quédese muy bonito sentado desde el otro lado del televisor)

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She also posted a video on Instagram in which she is wearing the same shiny dress that she wore in the performance.

Zuleyka Dress: tweets and responses

Below are some of the tweets, both from her supporters and critics, after her Grammy performance. 

“That was supposed to be a performance for television, not for her own living room,”

“The dress was horrible and she looks really bad. She is talented, beautiful, but why does she have to dress like a prostitute?"

Zuleyka Rivera performing at Grammys with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi

Zuleyka Rivera performing at Grammys with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi

Source: People

She posted a picture on Instagram alongside Yankee and Fonsi and left a message to both the haters and her lovers in Spanish which can be translated as:

"Joy and satisfaction, that’s how I describe my feelings in this instant. Last night was another memorable moment in my life where the eyes of the world were focused on Puerto Rico. An island that has suffered like never before this past year but keeps bringing talent and joy to the rest of the world through art.

Last night was a historic night when Latin music paved the way. My seconds on the stage where a dream come true, I thank the Recording Academy for their invitation and for giving the awards this touch of sensuality. Wardrobe? Performance? Award Shows? Trophies? Nothing is more important to me than then genuine satisfaction that we as boricuas made history again. It’s time to unite keep succeeding together as Latinos.”

She responded to the haters making a post on Instagram with the caption "The day that all of those who gave negative criticism step on a Grammy stage, then their opinions will count. Until then, stay looking pretty sitting in front of the television screen" after the ceremony.

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Zuleyka's relationships and affairs

Rivera was in a relationship with the professional basketball player J.J. Barea in 2010. Rivera and her ex-boyfriend Barea dated for more than a year and even had a son together, named Sebastián José Barea Rivera, in February 2012.


Mi vida entera en una foto  My whole life in one picture  . . Hair: @loisstyle

A post shared by Zuleyka Rivera (@zuleykarivera) on


After a year, in 2013, the former couple broke up, releasing a statement that reads, 

"Ever since I began filming the telenovela Rosario, there weren't two consecutive weeks where I didn't travel to Minnesota, a place I considered my home, along with the father of my child." She added that she still has the satisfaction "as a woman and mother, that I gave all of me in exchange for our happiness. But this is a labor of two. Life goes on and I keep on going with my head held high."

 Later, there were rumors about Rivera having an affair with David Bisbal in the same year. She was also seen with Jamie Augusto Mayol couple of times.