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Home Gossip Zoey Brown is the daughter of Alton Brown, Know about her Family Life

Zoey Brown is the daughter of Alton Brown, Know about her Family Life

Ashmita Karki Mon Dec, 2016
Zoey Brown is the daughter of Alton Brown, Know about her Family Life

Being famous for skills and being famous for having a celebrity as one's closed ones are two different things. Popular for the second way, Zoey Brown is the daughter of the famed Good Eat’s host Alton Brown.

Zoey Brown, 19, is living a normal life despite her father being so famous. Her relationship with both her parents is really good despite them being divorced. Let’s find out more about the relationship Zoey has with her parents.

Zoey Browanher family

Zoey Brown was born in 1999 to father Alton Brown and mother DeAnna Brown. Zoey’s mother DeAnna is the executive producer of her father's show Good Eat's. Despite being married for a long time, Zoey’s parents got divorced in 2015.

Even though the exact reason for Zoey’s parents’ divorce is unknown, a close source said that their marital relationship wasn’t going well since a long time. In fact, Alton’s busy work schedule is alleged to be one of the main reason behind the couple’s separation.

Image: Zoey Brown's parents Alton Brown and DeAnna Brown

The parental divorce might have had some impacts on Zoey’s life but it hasn’t hampered her life in large aspects. Her relationship with both her parents seems to be normal at present.

Zoey Brown's personal life

Looking at Zoey Brown’s personal life, it seems like her father has been successful in keeping it a secret. He hasn’t revealed much about her in the media. Maybe, Alton doesn’t want media attention lingering all over his daughter, Zoey's personal life.

Image: Zoey Brown with Alton Brown and DeAnna Brown

Talking about Alton himself, he is a renowned American food show presenter. He is most widely known for his shows Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Good Eats. Zoey Brown can also be seen on a lot of episodes of Good Eats alongside her father Alton Brown as his spawn. 

Is Zoey Brown's father Alton Brown gay?

These days there are rumors that claim that Zoey’s father Alton is homosexual. In fact, there is a lot of fan-made video proving that Alton is gay on Youtube. This has caused heat on the media outlets whether he is really homosexual or not. 

For that, Alton Brown has already accepted that he is a homosexual. However, there is no any other rumor regarding his dating relationship and such other rumors.

Zoey Brown's father Alton Brown's Short Bio

Born on July 30, 1962, Alton Brown is a University of Georgia graduate. There, he studied filming. At present Alton is a renowned TV personality. He is also an excellent food presenter, author, actor, musician, and cinematographer.

Alton Brown

Image: Alton Brown

Source: Pinterest

Besides blessing his fans with his amazing food shows, Alton has also written some bestseller food and cooking books. He is also the lyricist and lead performer of his song Bitter Like Me. He was designated as the Cooking Teacher of the Year by Bon Appétit in 2004. In 2007, he won a Peabody Award for Good Eats. Similarly, in 2005, Atlanta magazine named him Best Food Guru.

He won the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking for Solutions 2009 Educator of the Year, and, in 2011, he won the James Beard Foundation Award for Best TV Food Personality.