Zayn Malik reveals the real reason behind leaving One Direction and it's far from what you think

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Zayn Malik recently revealed the real reason (at least that's what he says) behind him leaving the boy band 'One Direction', and not only is it completely absurd, to say the least, but it's also far from what you think.

Malik, who only became part of the now-renowned band in 2010 after Simon Cowell teamed him up with his competitors Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles, left '1D' on March 25th last year, shattering many hearts in the process.

Recently, in an interview, when the 23-year-old was asked about the first time he thought about leaving One Direction, he said, "An alien spoke to me in a dream"

"An alien spoke to me in a dream"

— Zayn Malik

However, when Malik left the band, he said he wanted to pursue a solo career, and also wanted to live normally and have a bit of privacy, like any normal person his age would.

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There have also been talks about Malik actually leaving the band because he was fed up with 1D's management and it's austere rules as reportedly, he could not dye his hair while he was in the band, and even his beard was somehow a hindrance.

“There were certainly restrictions in terms of the way that we could come outside of that young teen boy look. Mainly my beard… I wasn’t allowed to keep it,” said the British singer.


"Zayn" with a "y" is actually his stage name. He was born Zain Javadd Malik in East Bowling, England. And while we're on the subject, "Zayn" means "beautiful" in Arabic, while "Malik" translates to "king." So basically he's a beautiful king. 

Well! if you are still upset over Zayn Malik quitting One Direction, you know who to blame - Aliens, beware!!