YouTuber LDShadowLady is Married, Who is her Husband? Know About Her Romantic Relationship

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Lizzie well-known as LDShadowLady is a current YouTube sensation. The 24-year old is a renowned YouTube Gamer with over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Well, she is also the reason why most of the males check YouTube daily. But in case if you haven't watched her videos yet go and check it. Once you do you can't help falling in love with her, believe us.

For those who already have fallen for her, we have a bad news, the beautiful YouTube Gamer has someone special in her life. Yes, you read it right Lizzie is now happily married to her long time boyfriend, Joel a.k.a SmallishBeans, a YouTube star. Well, the lady betrayed millions of her male fans, but now we just have to feel good for Lizzie's happiness.

Further, in this section, we are going to deal all about her affairs and relationship.

Lizzie a.k.a LDShadowLady Happily Married to Her Long Term Boyfriend Joel SmallishBeans

The two YouTube star tied the knot in 2017 in a lavishing wedding ceremony.

After dating each other for 3 years the couple decided to get married in 2015, however, things didn't turn out as expected for the couple and they had to wait for 2 years more.

The YouTube stars; Lizzie a.k.a LDShadow and Joel SmallishBeans were happily married in 2017

The YouTube stars; Lizzie and Joel SmallishBeans were happily married in 2017 

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Well, marriage is a great responsibility and it takes a lot of time to understand one another. Anyway better late than never, the couple has finally chosen each other for the rest of their life. And we feel happy for the couple.

Lizzie and Joel definitely make a good couple and not every couple make such a perfect match. Likewise, there's more to know about the lovebird's relationship. Stay with us.

Lizzie and Joel's Romantic Relationship

The two YouTube stars started dating each other back in 2012.

The two love birds; LDShadow and her husband Joel started dating each other back in 2012.

Love birds; LDShadow and her husband Joel started dating each other back in 2012.

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However, it all started in September 2011 when Lizzie went for an event show GameFest and that was where she met her now husband Joel. Getting to know each other, they spend the whole day together at the event right during their first meeting. Looks like the couple's profession took them in the same path finding space for one another in each other's heart.

 As Joel was also one of the performers at the event, she was really impressed with Joel's amazing dancing skills and found him to be cute and she was the first to approach him. 


But their relationship didn't come in public until 14 March 2013 when Lizzie revealed it on her Twitter account. Check out the tweet.

Well, this was the first time people found out about the couple's relationship and they really appreciated them.

One of Lizzie fans, Kennidy_sugg commented, " I think you guys are a really cute couple" while another fan, Anau wrote, "OMG YESS". 

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They truly make a good couple and are a perfect match for each other.

Well, since they are already married, we wish the couple a happy married life.