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Home Gossip Is The YouTuber Faze Rug Dating a Girlfriend At Present? His Past Affairs and Rumors

Is The YouTuber Faze Rug Dating a Girlfriend At Present? His Past Affairs and Rumors

Blueprince Wed Jul, 2018
Is The YouTuber Faze Rug Dating a Girlfriend At Present? His Past Affairs and Rumors

YouTuber and prankster Faze Rug is a high school dropout who chose to make videos on YouTube rather than spending boring hours in college and he has been quite successful as well. Moreover, he has also been able to grab the attention of millions, a majority of them being females.

Besides, Rug has also been in the headlines because of his love affairs and relationships. There are many rumors that claim Rug of dating one or the other girl from the industry. So, who is his girlfriend at present? Know all the facts and figures surrounding Faze Rug's love life?

Faze Rug’s girlfriend

Faze Rug is the one who is always amid questions from his fans regarding his girlfriend. Well, it took a long time for the YouTuber to reveal his love to the world. 

After numerous comments from his fans, the star decided to expose to the world his other significant half via a YouTube video titled Meet My GirlFriend which he uploaded on the Valentine Day in 2016

The video turned out to be a prank, and his girlfriend actually turned out to be a Grow Your Girlfriend toy. He also added that the two had been dating for almost two years.

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Rumors Dating Molly Eskam

Recently, he is seen being close to model cum YouTube star Molly Eskam. The two have appeared in many videos together where they are mostly seen hanging around in Rug’s house in Poway, California.

In one of the Q & A video, Molly is asked a question regarding her feelings for Faze. There was an awkward silence in the video, and she skillfully played around the question but did not really answer the question.

CAPTION: Molly's reply
SOURCE: ecelebrityfacts

Crazy fans even went to spread rumors that the duo was dating and that Molly is his girlfriend. However, it hasn’t been confirmed. Yet there could be a possibility.

Faze later uploaded a video on December 31st,2017, where he talks about his relationship with Molly. Faze reveals that he has feelings for the beautiful star but at the moment, he didn’t know where their relationship was heading or what it had in store for them in the future.

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Other Affairs

Before posting videos with Molly Eskam, Faze was dating another girl who goes by the name of Kaelyn.

In a SnapChat video of Brandon, the couple is seen sharing a lip-lock kiss. The video came out on the 30th of August 2016. His fans were swept off their feet by the video as he was dating a girl named Jenny at that time.