What Is The Net Worth Of YouTuber Ethan Klein? His Earnings And Sources

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Ethan Edward Klein or Ethan Klein is a YouTube star popular for his comedy video in his YouTube channel, h3h3Production alongside his wife, Hila Klein. As of 2019, his channel has more than 6.4 million subscribers and more than 1.5 billion views.          

With such a successful career on YouTube, no doubt Ethan has collected millions of net worth as of 2019. So, how much is the total worth of Ethan Klein? What about his assets and charities? We have all the details here.   

What Is The Net Worth Of YouTuber Ethan Klein? His Earnings And Sources

The YouTube sensation, Ethan Klein has collected a net worth of $3.8 million along with his wife, Hila Klein as of mid-2019. 

In 2018, they had a net worth of $2.5 million. So considering this huge difference of $1.3 million, it won't be wrong to say that their worth will increase as the day passes.   

Ethan CAPTION: Ethan Klein with his wife, Hila Klein SOURCE: Business Insider

Their channel, h3h3Production has more than 1.5 billion views in total and gets 1 million views per day on average. So as per this, it can be said that they make around $4000 per day.

As per the socialblade, the couple makes around $4-$63.4 thousand per month and $47.6 thousand $761.4 thousand per year.

Ethan Klein's House, Car And Other Expenses

Though we know Ethan and Hila live a lavish lifestyle with their $3.8 million fortune, we are not so sure about their house and cars. They live a low-key life and not much is revealed about their assets. 


In 2017, the pair and other YouTube stars including Justin Roiland, Dana Terrace, Joey Salads, and Alex Hirsch collected more than $200 thousand to donate for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. 

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Additionally, they also raised $100 thousand through Twitch for donating to Hurricane Harvey victims. 

Quick Review On Ethan Klein

Who is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein whose full name is an Ethan Edward Klein is a famous YouTuber how is famous for running channel named h3h3Production

How old is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein is 33 years old as of 2019. 

How tall is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein stands 5 feet 10 inches(178 cm) tall.