Youtube Star, Ryan Higa's Career Buying Him Both Fame And Fortune; Know His Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Ryan Higa is an American YouTuber and actor who has a net worth of $2 million. Even though Ryan was born in Hilo, Hawaii, he is of a Japanese descendant. You might be thinking why are we talking about his descendant. Well, it's because it is related to his love life. Eager to know about his love life? Be patient about it.

First, let's find out something that Ryan Higa does. As mentioned previously, he is a YouTuber and an amazing actor too, but he is well known by his YouTubing the name nigahiga. Ryan has more than 19 million subscribers and a video has over 3 billion views. The videos that he makes are basically comedy clips.

Now let's talk about his net worth first.

Ryan Higa Net worth

Ryan Higa has the net worth of $2 million. Can you guess how has he managed to collect this net worth? It's an easy answer, from his youtube channel.

If we go to the starting of the channel, we can see that it was started in the year 2006 along with his friend Sean Fujiyoshi and other four friends of them known as the Yabo crew. The Yabo crew were not regular, they only appeared occasionally.

Ryan higa

Ryan Higa

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But things changed when Higa moved to Las Vegas for future study, which he dropped for this channel. When Higa was in Vegas he invited some other successful YouTubers to come to make a guest appearance on his videos and in that way he promoted his channel.

Now his channel is at the top, to be exact it is at the 14th position. Ryan can also be seen in a few movies such as Ryan and Sean’s Not so Excellent Adventure and Ninja Melk.


All his net worth is from his channel which we have mentioned more than once, let's make the picture clear with the use of a table.

2008: From his videos likes and subscription $154,000
2009: From his videos likes and subscription $85,500
2010: From his videos likes and subscription $336,000
2011: From his videos likes and subscription $1,500,000
2012: From his videos likes and subscription $1,860,000
2013: From his videos likes and subscription $1,620,000
2014: From his videos likes and subscription $1,376,000

You can see his net worth in the table.

Now check out Ryan Higa in a car which he has posted on Instagram


*Instantly hears that high pitch female voice singing "fast and furious, drift, drift, drift!"*

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And another one



When you catch someone filming you without your knowledge #deathstare

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From the above posts, we can see the love that he has for the cars.

All this net worth is collected from his hard work, which we can find out if you check out his tweet. Here we can see his dedication towards his work, here is a piece of his work.


Here's a full life story of Ryan Higa's by himself, do see it

Ryan Higa Love life

The thing that you have been waiting for is here, Ryan Higa's love life. Talking about Ryan's love life, he was in a relationship with Tarynn Nago from the year 2006. The relationship between Ryan and Nago lasted for four years and due to some undisclosed reasons, they broke up.



After the youtube star, Ryan broke up with Tarynn Nago in the year 2010, in the same year he was seen to be in a relationship with another girl Andre Thi. But the relationship did not last long and currently, Ryan is single.

He is seen very active on the web or shall we say the internet which proves that he is not in any kind of relationship and we do not think he will be in a relationship for some time.

Andre Thi and Ryan Higa

Andre Thi and Ryan Higa

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If we see his dating history he seems to be attracted towards Asian girls even though he lives in the USA. The reason behind that could be his descendants, which is Japan.

This is how you might be feeling right now (Asian girls)


We wish him best of luck for his future and hope he finds girls of his life with whom he will stay happy forever and ever and ever as he says in his video.