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Home Gossip YouTube Sensation Malu Trevejo Got a new Boyfriend; Know about her Affairs and Relationship

YouTube Sensation Malu Trevejo Got a new Boyfriend; Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Shree Krishna Fri Jul, 2017
YouTube Sensation Malu Trevejo Got a new Boyfriend; Know about her Affairs and Relationship

The Cuban-born American famous Malu Trevejo is a popular social media sensation with a subscriber base of over 819K on Youtube. The 15 years old beauty has over 32.4k followers on the music app,, over 6.9 million followers on Instagram and over 41.2k followers on Twitter. And she is one of the most talked beauty recently. And what could be said about her fan following? Just so high!

Along with her Youtube postings, Malu is making headlines in every social media with her love chemistry. Yes, the young beauty is reportedly dating a handsome hunk. Well, we feel sorry for her male fans but looks like at the moment, we should back out. Oh! We just loved this YouYube sensation, didn't we? So, it's no wonder to think who the lucky guy is? And what's the deal between the reported couple? 

Let's find out more about the 15 years old Malu Trevejo and her love life here in Frostsnow.

Malu Trevejo a Recent Youtube Sensation

Malu was born on 2002, October 15 in Cuba but later she moved to South Florida with her mother. Malu is currently attending school, but she is reportedly not that fond of studies. Well, she has an aspiring career ahead and looks like she is totally into it.

Cuban-born American Malu Trevejo; a recent Youtube Sensation

Cuban-born American Malu Trevejo; a recent Youtube Sensation 

Source: Famous People

A glamor never as seen before! Why is she so ravishing?

Malu took the first footstep to the horizon of fame by posting her, so so beautiful images and alluring videos on her Instagram and Twitter account around August 2016. And in no time, she rose to fame to become an internet sensation, with thousands of followers and still counting...

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Her first Twitter post was on August 18 with a caption, "My first makeup tutorial, please go enjoy." with an emoji of love. Check out the post here.

Looks like the emoji of love has worked out well for the beautiful brunette and people out there on the internet found a new sensation to check after, every day. And the same has happened till the date.

YouTube: Malu Trevejo's song Luna Llena

Later on July 1, she debuted on a new music application, now TikTok, with the post of her lips synced videos on her Twitter account, the video soon went viral elevating her fame to new heights and well, the rest is history.

Check out the post here.

Here, in the age of the Internet, it's hard to predict who is soon to become famous? Or maybe even overnight? And Malu proved it. With each passing day, her fame just grew bigger and bigger through the digital boundaries.

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And later with the fall of 2016, she started posting sort of private videos that pulled her fans to the belief that the YouTube sensation is in some kind of relationship. So let's track down a few videos and the lucky guy here.

Malu Trevejo's Love Relationship with Boyfriend

The charming young lady directed all the fans to a new chapter through her Youtube videos. And the chapter we are about to read is about her lovely relationships. So friends, be well prepared to read out on Malu's YouTube love life here.

Malu and her new boyfriend were in a relationship for some time but, it had not come out to the internet. A little back, the pair posted a video on her YouTube channel with the young couple's relationship goals, the video has already been deleted after her breakup with him. 

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Similarly, in the month of February of 2017, Malu posted a video of her and her mystery boy with some intimate moments. 

The video raised rumors on Malu's love chemistry with the mystery boy, and it was evident too.  Above all, two looked so fond of each other. Malu's fans were so quick to judge on the reported couple. Have a look at some of the comments on the video.

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One of her fans, Yaritza Rivera commented,

her boyfriend looks like a crackhead,

with another fan,  Pedro Sotoago writing,

ughhhhh............ that nigga ugly bro......

Well, there are a lot like these so if you like you can check out for yourself. And it looks like Malu's fans didn't really like her boyfriend. 

There weren't any official statements from the 15-year old lady on her relationship and it was still unknown who the boy was? But with no official statement, the pair also broke up or at least that's what we know. The relationship of the duo is currently nowhere to be seen. Hence, it can be said that the YouTube sensation Malu Trevejo is single now.