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Home Gossip 1.75 m Tall Youtube Personality FaZe Apex's Net Worth and Lifestyle He has Achieved From his Profession

1.75 m Tall Youtube Personality FaZe Apex's Net Worth and Lifestyle He has Achieved From his Profession

Blueprince Wed Sep, 2018
1.75 m Tall Youtube Personality FaZe Apex's Net Worth and Lifestyle He has Achieved From his Profession

Youssef Abdelfattah, known to the world by his YouTube alias name FaZe Apex is a YouTube personality, who is 1.75 m tall and is well known for being the founding fathers of the FaZe Clan. Besides that FaZe Apex also has a personal youtube channel named Bananafone34.

FaZe Apex's videos are mostly related to vlogs, gameplay content, and reactions, and from this profession, he has amassed a sizeable net worth and an impressive lifestyle for himself. The article below deals with the YouTube personality's net worth and lifestyle.

FaZe Apex's Net Worth: $1.5 million

As of 2018, FaZe Apex has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, which the YouTuber has earned all from his contents on his YouTube channel.

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CAPTION: Youtube personality FaZe Apex along with other clan members
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Besides his works relating to videos and gameplay, the Youtube personality is also the owner of his own health drink company which is named G.Fuel.


FaZe Apex earns around $590 - $9.4K monthly, and $7.1K - $113.3K annually from his channel Bananafone34. In the channel, he has uploaded a total of 1,662 videos, and his videos have been viewed 899,744,848 times. Apex has 4,783,786 subscribers to his channel as of September 2018.

CAPTION: Youtube personality FaZe Apex SOURCE: celebliveupdate

FaZe also earns an impressive amount from his endorsement deals and sponsorship with companies like War Of Warships and Tom Clancy

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His group FaZe Clan has won a total of $4,696,212.18 from different e-sport tournaments and we can be assured that FaZe Apex received a fair share of the money, which now are part of his current net worth.

FaZe Apex's Profession

Faze Apex was in interested in making videos since an early age while he was still in high school, despite his mother's disliking. Soon after finishing school he started his career in YouTube, with the channel Bananafone34.

CAPTION: Youtube personality FaZe Apex's trump card SOURCE: my poke card

In his channel, the YouTube personality uploaded videos related to games and his first upload dates back to 2008. He mostly uploaded videos relates to Call of Duty. Apex then had an idea of founding FaZe Clan along with partners FaZe HousecatFaZe ClipZ and FaZe Resistance.

The clan now has many YouTube stars like Faze Adapt, Faze RugFaZe Banks, who is dating Anissa Violet and many others. The organization competes in games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: GlobalOffensive to name some.

FaZe Apex's Lifestyle

Faze Apex leads a luxurious life, thanks to all his earnings from YouTube. He currently lives in a lavish home in New York City. He owns a 2017 BMW M3 which has a market price of $76,000. These are also part of his rising net worth.

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Being a YouTube personality Faze Apex has kept his life quite a secret. He is also reported to be single, because of his shy nature.