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Home Gossip YouTube gamer and Call Of Duty expert Sssniperwolf in a relationship with YouTuber Evan Sausage.

YouTube gamer and Call Of Duty expert Sssniperwolf in a relationship with YouTuber Evan Sausage.

Richa Mon Apr, 2016
YouTube gamer and Call Of Duty expert Sssniperwolf in a relationship with YouTuber Evan Sausage.

SSSniperWolf, a YouTube gamer, is famed for her cosplays and video games on her online channel. The social media star, whose real name is Lia, has around 2.6 million fans on Youtube. 

This tweaking in her age made her modify her interest as previously she was interested in acting. But with her change in mindset, this hot celebrity started cosplaying as her dimensional interest. Alongside her professional life, Lia made the headlines quite of the times with her YouTube star boyfriend Evan Sausage.

Is the couple still dating each other? Know about their relationship here in Forstsnow.

SSSniperWolf and her Boyfriend Evan Sausage: Know Their Relationship

Lia has been the talk of the town not just because of her popularity but also her affair with Evan Sausage, which took a better space in the media. Since they were spotted together, she got remarks from the people with the suggestion to get married.

SSSniperWolf with her boyfriend Evan Sausage

SSSniperWolf with her boyfriend Evan Sausage

Source: eCF

Lia, who is 5 feet 4 inches in her height and 54 kg in weight, has black hair and brown eyes. By now, her presence on YouTube is flourishing day by day, but aside to this, she is also active on her Facebook page.

Her body measurement is also perfectly balanced as 32-24-36 that has been toned with regular exercise and fitness tips.

Lia's latest video 402thunder402 is getting good feedback from her fans and her boyfriend is also supporting her in maintaining her career in a much distinct way.

But as nowadays Lia isn't seen posting videos of her boyfriend and pictures of their on her social sites, many assume that the couple is no more in a relationship. 

So, has the couple parted their ways? Let's find out?

Are SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage Still Dating?

Lia and Evan reportedly started dating since 2014. They have shared their picture getting together with a strong bond, which is taking good attention from her fans.

The couple also reportedly have promised by the time they finalize the decision to get married, they will flash publicly among the people and that is what their fans are waiting for, will it ever happen?

It could have, but with the fall of 2016, there were rumors that the couple has broken up, which literally broke out the internet? So, is it only rumors? 

SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage?

SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage

Source: eCF

Well, many of her fans may not like to hear this, but it was Lia who herself revealed that they have broken up. In May 2016, Lia shared a video in which she spoke out her breakup with Evan. Hope you don't' want to miss the video, here's the video below!!

We know it's not easy to keep a hold on a relationship, isn't it? But you need to move on, and Lia to is moving on in her life, she can still be seen posting videos on her YouTube Channel. You guys can check out her videos on her channel.

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