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Home Gossip Yeppii!!!! Courtney Reagan is engaged. Still not got married???

Yeppii!!!! Courtney Reagan is engaged. Still not got married???

Richa Tue Jun, 2016
Yeppii!!!! Courtney Reagan is engaged. Still not got married???

It appears to be just yesterday when CNBC columnist Courtney Reagan's beau Jared Baker proposed to her on-air. The exquisite woman was doing a standard portion about wedding bands when her significant other entered the studio spruced up in a dull suit.

Pastry specialist surprised her as he claimed his adoration for her. The dazed journalist just remained there getting all passionate as her lover got down on his knees, took out a wonderful ring and after that proposed her for marriage while whole nation was watching them on a live show.

What's more, now, following nine years of relationship, the couple is still very content with each other. In any case, in spite of him proposing to her and her tolerating his proposition for marriage two years prior, the pair hasn't wedded yet. Why?? The answer is just with Reagan and Baker. Be that as it may, as they have not talked a word about it, it is truly elusive out a genuine cause. Well… not for us!!

Pastry specialist popped the inquiry on air and requested Reagan's hand for marriage in 2013. Her sweetheart and now life partner gave the delightful columnist heart touching words as they both are reaching a successful height of net worth.

All her fans, loved ones had suspected that the couple would wed and give them the uplifting news at any point in the near future. After their engagement, the fans and significant others of the couple saluted them and wished them an exceptionally glad life on their Twitter handle. They all were avidly sitting tight for their huge day. Regardless they are. In any case, now it appears the adoration flying creatures don't have any goal of doing as such.

Reagan and her support stock investments examiner life partner are both very occupied in their work. The couple has begun seeing a ton of improvement in their profession and they need to extend it considerably more before getting married with her boyfriend.