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Home Gossip 9 Years Old Singer Lil Tay's Popular Songs and Albums, Her Earnings And Net Worth

9 Years Old Singer Lil Tay's Popular Songs and Albums, Her Earnings And Net Worth

Blueprince Tue Aug, 2018
9 Years Old Singer Lil Tay's Popular Songs and Albums, Her Earnings And Net Worth

Lil Tay is a 9 years old young girl. It is hard to believe but she is a rapper by profession and is currently responsible for creating a chaos on the internet by the use of explicit F and N words in her lyrics.

At just 9, the rapper has a couple of songs and albums to her name. And not to mention, her endeavors have already started to pay which have altogether accumulated into a huge net worth. 

Lil Tay's Net Worth

Lil Tay has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, as of 2018. She has made all of her money from the songs and music videos she has uploaded on YouTube.

CAPTION: Lil Tay with a big ward of money
SOURCE: twimg

She has her YouTube channel which was launched in 2015. From then on, she has grown up to have more than 87,000 subscribers on her channel and has more than 2.1 million views. 

According to some reviews, her annual income is in between $13,000 to $110,00.

Cars and Properties

Owing to her age, the rapper still has no driving license and doesn't own any car, and currently resides with her parents in Atlanta.

SOURCE: youtube

Lil Tay has labeled herself the "youngest flexer of the century", regularly posing around with luxurious items including cars, houses, jewelry and designer clothes.

In an interview with Jake Paul, who is married to Erika, she stated that she makes billions.

Lil Tay's songs and albums

Tay's started her official career in April 2018, from her debut single Money Way.


The little rapper has a couple of songs to her name. The most notables one include one Freak Bitch (2017), Gaining Weight(2018), Who Said(2016), Never Fold (2016), Nowadays(2016), Do is Wrong(2016),Let That Pussy Start Dripping Like You Fuckin(2018), Fuckin This Beat Like a Bitch(2018), Man Above(2016), Somebody Loves You(2016), Help(2016),The Ass Got Bigger(2018), Period Coming On(2018) and many others.

CAPTION: Lil Tay with her mother.
SOURCE: hollywoodlife

All of her songs are vulgar, and explicit and would require a lot of parental advisory stickers for her albums as well as for her mouth.


Although Lil Tay is not signed to any major record label, she still has recorded 5 albums till now. Her first album Ghetto Poetry was recorded in 2016.

After a long gap of 2 years, the rapper resurfaced again in 2018 with another album named Buying Gold. 2018 has been quite productive for her as she has recorded three albums after Buying Gold, which is Litty Tay, Record My Track and We up Now.


Her most popular video Lil Tay Responds to Rice Gum(Sister Bully) has gathered more than 2 million views.

She has announced that she will be releasing a new video with Chief Keef soon.

On April 18, 2018, she had a fight with Bhad Bhabie and Whoa Vicky. The video went viral within a day. She then uploaded a video dedicated to all her haters.

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