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Home Gossip American Rapper Slim Jesus' Career Stats & Net Worth: The Truth About His Death Rumors

American Rapper Slim Jesus' Career Stats & Net Worth: The Truth About His Death Rumors

Blueprince Tue Jul, 2018
American Rapper Slim Jesus' Career Stats & Net Worth: The Truth About His Death Rumors

The internet is resonated with rumors and death gossips of the 21 years old American rapper Slim Jesus. Slim Jesus, also known as Swag Jesus, draws inspiration from the famous rapper Eminem, because of his facial resemblance.

And as we have mentioned above, the social media and several other sources are already filled up with the hyped up news about the 21-year-old's death. So is the rapper truly dead? Or is it some sort of nasty internet hoax?

Is Slim Jesus Dead?

Rapper Slim Jesus is still alive and continues making music. Due to the frequent death of new emerging rappers like Lil Peep, who died of drug abuse and Fredo Santana, rumors about Slim Jesus also keeps popping up. But the rapper is still alive and is in the pink of his health.

CAPTION: Slim Jesus
SOURCE: idolwiki

The rumors were deliberately spread by the rapper and his publicist to generate buzz around him, increase his popularity, and eventually improve sales for his next single.

Slim Jesus Early life

Easton Phillips, known by his rap name Slim Jesus, was born on the 10th of April 1997, in Hamilton. He has a mother whose name is Irene Brown; his mother is an artist who is associated with the public artworks.

Slim attended Hamilton School in the City of Ohio. The school was later shut down by ex-president George Bush after a series of disputes and alterations.

Slim grew up in a ghetto community surrounded by gang members and was influenced by violence at an early age. This can be evidently seen in his rap video “Drill Time”, where he poses in front of the camera carrying lethal weapons.

Though the rapper claims that they are just props for the video, his video still promotes a life of violence which the rapper might be leading as a daily lifestyle.


During his teenage years, Slim Jesus became a drill trap artist. His friends initially used to call him Swag Jesus, but the name evolved into Slim Jesus before gaining fame in 2015.

Slim's First Song Drill Time

In August 2015, he released his first song called “Drill Time”. The song was accompanied by a video that gained thousands of view in a short time.

CAPTION: Slim in the video of Drill Time
SOURCE: brentmusicreviews

According to the rapper, Bossip wrote an article in regard to the music video which made it viral. Afterward, without any promotion from the rapper’s side, the song was shared all over social media and other multimedia platforms.

Slim's Buck Buck

In September 2015, Slim Jesus dropped another controversial song titled Buck Buck.

CAPTION: Slim in Buck Buck SOURCE: swaggamusic

The video shows slim making a “Purple Drank” while sitting on a car

Slim Jesus’s Net Worth

It might seem quite low for many, but Slim Jesus’ net worth is just $300,000.

Despite his young age, the rapper has still been able to accumulate such a net worth. But it likely that Slim will make a huge impact in mainstream Hip-hop in the days to come. And not to mention, his net worth will also exponentially grow.