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Home Gossip 27 Years Old Vlogger DJ Akademiks' Net Worth And Source of Earning

27 Years Old Vlogger DJ Akademiks' Net Worth And Source of Earning

Shree Krishna Fri Oct, 2018
27 Years Old Vlogger DJ Akademiks' Net Worth And Source of Earning

DJ Akademiks, also known as The Negotiator, is a YouTuber. His YouTube videos are mostly a satirical commentary on topical social issues. He is a gossiper in the hip-hop community who reports rumors and stories about the biggest rappers in the industry.

DJ Akademiks launched his most popular self-titled YouTube channel on July 10, 2015, an Entertainment News Channel. DJ Akademiks, who is one of the celebrated celebs out there, owes his success to the channel. He is reported to have an estimated net worth of $1.3 million. 

DJ Akademiks' Net Worth in 2018: In the Millionaire club

DJ Akademiks, the 27-year-old YouTube star has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million, as of 2018. As we have mentioned, he earns his wealth mostly from his YouTube channels.

He owns two YouTube channels, "DJ Akademiks" and "Akademiks TV". He launched Akademiks TV on May 31, 2015, and the channel has 134K subscribers and over 57 million views.

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Likewise, DJ Akademiks has 2 million subscribers and over 950 million views, as in late 2018. DJ Akademiks generates around 1 million views from his channels, which generated an estimated revenue of around $1,800 a day ($660,000 a year) which finally adds up to his net worth. The income is from YouTube ads, after YouTube's cut. 

Besides two of his major channels, he runs four other channels namely LateNightCreepVids, The War in Chiraq, King Akademiks, and Crime Fails. 

He also focuses rappers in his videos. He was the leading figure in reporting how quickly Gucci Mane got back to the studio following his bail. His list includes many other high-profile celebs.

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DJ Akademiks also owns a website, The site has a tremendous amount of traffic right from the first year of its launch and was ranked at number 65,000 amongst the most visited sites in the US. Well, this might as well be contributing hugely on his net worth.

Before he gained popularity form his YouTube channels, DJ Akademiks was a weekly DJ at the Rutgers University radio station. Originally from Jamaica, DJ Akademiks moved to the United States in 2011, while he was in high school. He attended Rutgers University where he worked as a DJ for 2 years. He graduated from the University with a bachelor's degree in biomathematics.

DJ Akademiks first started posting videos of hid DJing online, earning him a fanbase. He then started posting videos of him giving opinions about the life of celebrities, mostly rappers.

Well, over the period of time, he has grown into a star. We wish him a successful life ahead.