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Home Gossip 37 Years 'Storage Wars' Cast Mary Padian's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved

37 Years 'Storage Wars' Cast Mary Padian's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved

Nisha Bohara Mon Jun, 2018
37 Years 'Storage Wars' Cast  Mary Padian's Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Achieved

Starry keen eyes with full of creativity; These are the words that define Mary Padian well. She is a famous American businesswoman, furniture designer, and reality personality star cast who came into the spotlight for appearing in A&E Network reality show Storage Wars

The lady, who is well known by the nickname The Junkster due to her capability of turning junk into creative ideologies, has come up a long way in her business as well as in the media.

Today, in this particular column, we will let you people know about Mary Padian' net worth, sources of income, salary, earnings, and more. Check it out:

Mary Padian’s Net Worth, Salary, and Lifestyle

After graduation, Mary Padian started working as an intern in the magazine named D Magazine. Mary, who used to work for magazines like D Magazine and Architectural Digest previously, has made up some money from it too.

After Mary got a chance to get cast in original series of Storage Wars, she moved to Los Angeles, California from her native Texas.

Mary, who became famous by her cast in Storage Wars, has definitely earned a huge amount of money. Mary Padian' net worth in 2018 is reported to be around $600 thousand. The entrepreneur turned star earns an amount of $450000 for each season on Storage Wars.

Padian is also the owner of Mary's Finds. Although the information about her business earnings is not much available, she seems to earn a feasible amount of money from it.

Certainly, Mary Padian' antique collection has helped her raise her worth. If you go across her Instagram, she seems to be living a lavish lifestyle. She has included Mercedes Benz GS50 worth $120000 to her cars collection.

She currently resides in the Mystic sun Ariz in New York house. Her house looks lavish with an expensive interior.

She is currently living with her boyfriend, Danny in Texas. The two appeared in one of the episodes of Storage Wars previously.

Mary Padian's Career: Business & Storage Wars Journey

Born on August 24, 1980, to John Gerard Padian and Teresa Ann Padian, Mary was a creative girl since childhood. As she grew up, she indulged herself in this art such that it gave rise to her unique business idea.

After graduating with the degree in photojournalism in the year 2003, Mary worked as in intern for D magazine. Gradually she managed to get a job as an assistant editor for Architectural Digest. Working as an associate editor, she also began to collect home decoration materials and unique furnishing designs.

CAPTION: Mary Padian  SOURCE: Twitter

With this, she also created blogs for showcasing her items. In 2011, she opened up her own shop Mary’s Finds. One of her regular client Moe Prigoff, who used to offer her products from an auction with an objective to sale it in her shop, introduced her to A&E Entertainment reality show Storage Wars: Texas.

She made guest appearances in the very first season of the show with Moe. As time passed, she became the main cast for the second season of the very show. Later on, she got a chance to cast in original Storage Wars series