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Home Gossip 48 years TV Personality Agnes Hailstone's Married Life & Family: Her Unsuccessful Relationships

48 years TV Personality Agnes Hailstone's Married Life & Family: Her Unsuccessful Relationships

Shree Krishna Fri Nov, 2018
48 years TV Personality Agnes Hailstone's Married Life & Family: Her Unsuccessful Relationships

There are a thousand ways to get popular and for Agnes Hailston, the National Geographic Channel's documentary series Lie Below Zero became the one. As an adventure and reality TV series, first aired in May 2013, Life Below Zero gained huge attention for exposing the harsh living conditions of people in Alaska, Agnes. The widespread popularity of the show made Agnes a popular TV personality.

Agnes appears in the TV show along with her husband Chip Hailstone. Agnes and Chip are a long-time married couple and shares five children together. Agnes seems profoundly happily of her relationship with her husband Chip.

Find out about the TV stars love life and relationship here in this section.

Agnes Hailstone Married to Chip Hailstone with Five Children

Agnes and Chip are a happily married couple, given there haven't been any records hinting to their separation at any time. At 19, Chip settled in Noorvik, Alaska. A few years after Chip met Agnes with the help of the Inupiaq tribe, their togetherness blossomed.

It was only a matter of time and their relationship turned to romance. Agnes and Chip eventually tied the knot. The exact date of the couple's wedding hasn't been revealed so far. 

Agnes and Chip together are parents to five children, daughters: Quran, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Caroline, and Mary. The family lives in the Arctic region of northwestern Alaska. And thanks to Life Below Zero, it's been known the couple has raised their kids to survive like them in the rough terrain of Alaska.

In fact, their daughter's aren't abandoned of education as well, and it's up to them to decide if the net generation of Hailstone would continue to live by the Inupiaq traditions. It's up to them to choose to find a home in a place that is more human friendly.

Along with her five daughters with husband Chip, 49, Agnes has two sons from her previous relationship.

Agnes Hailstone's Past Relationship: Her Two Children from the Relationship

Agnes Hailstone was in a serious relationship with a guy named Carter. There isn't much information about him, but what is known is Agnes has two children with him, Douglas Doug Carter and Jon Hailstone. Douglas Carter is a hunter and he is in his 30s. Douglas is married with Gloria Iyatunguk and they have five children and the family lives in Deering, Alaska. John is also a hunter.

Agnes lived with her first husband for some time, but like most marriages at a young age, their relationship started to fall apart.

Agnes herself hasn't spoken openly about her first relationship, but according to several sources, Agnes made the decision to quit their relationship citing "recognizable differences".

Following a distorted relationship with her first husband, Agnes seems to have a harmonious relationship with the second husband. 

Agnes Hailstone's Short Bio

Agnes Hailstone was born on June 14, 1972, in Noorvik, Alaska. The same year in 1972, the United States was hit by Hurricane Agnes and her name was inspired by the event. 

The information about her parents, siblings, family background is still unknown. In fact, Agnes life before Life Below Zero is still unknown.