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Home Gossip Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson's Marriage to Wife Natasha Richardson, Who Is He Dating At Present?

Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson's Marriage to Wife Natasha Richardson, Who Is He Dating At Present?

Kurt Mon Jun, 2018
Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson's Marriage to Wife Natasha Richardson, Who Is He Dating At Present?

Liam Neeson is undoubtedly one of Hollywood's biggest star and he has been active in the scene of Hollywood for quite some time now. The movie star, who rose to fame with his critically acclaimed role in the Academy Award-winning film Schindler's List, has found success in the Hollywood and has been ranked by Empire magazine in "100 Sexiest Stars in Film History".

His career in acting has been a huge success but how far has he reached in the matters of love and relationships? Well, let us find out in detail about his relationship, children, and marriage.

Liam Neeson's Past Relationships

Liam Neeson has always been a ladies man in the Hollywood film industry. As much as anyone would love to call this actor their lover, only a few have been lucky enough to be in a relationship with him.

CAPTION: Liam and Helen Mirren
SOURCE: vanityfair

His past relationship includes his relationship with Helen Mirren, one of the biggest names in the world of acting. The two began their relationship after meeting on the set of the 1981 movie Excalibur. Thier relationship lasted for a long time. The two could not make their relationship last forever and it came to an end.

Julia Roberts is one of the high profile actors with whom Neeson has had a relationship. Their relationship was also a strong one as the two were in a relationship from 1988 to 1990. Julia was 19 when their relationship began. At the same time, Liam was a well established 35 years old man.

CAPTION: Liam Neeson With Brooke Shields

In 1992, Neeson dated the actress and model Brooke Shields. He shared a brief relationship with her which lasted for only 3 months. In her memoir, "There Was a Little Girl," Brooke has revealed that Neeson proposed to her after only 3 months of dating and never called again. The relationship only lasted for a short moment and could not go any further.

Neeson found the love of his life in Natasha Richardson, whom he married in 1994. The couple met during their performance opposite each other in Anna Christie on Broadway in 1993. Natasha, 29, at the time, was married to producer Rober Fox, but she eventually leaves him to be with Nesson.

His Marriage with Natasha and His Children

Neeson and Natasha married in the summer of 1994 and were a happy couple. A year after getting married, they gave birth to their first son, Micheal, on June 22, 1995. A little more over a year after their first child, they had a second son Daniel, who was born on August 27, 1996.

CAPTION: Liam with Son Daniel (L) and Michael (C)
SOURCE: mirror

Today, Micheal is following in his father's footstep and is pursuing acting while his brother Daniel has launched his own eco-friendly fashion line.

CAPTION: Liam Neeson with Natasha Richardson
SOURCE: countryliving

Neeson and Natasha were married for more than 14 years until tragedy came crashing to the happy family. In 2009, Liam and Natasha traveled to Quebec, Canada, for a skiing holiday. While taking a private lesson in skiing in the Mont Tremblant resort, she fell on a beginner's slope.

Natasha wasn't wearing a helmet during that time and she hit the left side of her head as she fell which caused a torn blood vessel in the brain which proved to be a fatal injury. The accident left Natasha on life support and the Neeson eventually had to pull the plug on her. Thier happy life together came to a close with the tragic accident.

Rumors of a New relationship

It took a long time for Neeson to come to accept the death of his wife. After the death of his wife, the only relationship that he has been reported of having was with PR executive Freya St Johnston. He was in an on/off relationship with her from 2010-2012.

There was not any news of him being in a new relationship after that. But, in the recent year, Liam has told that he has begun dating once again. However, he has remained tight-lipped as to who the person he has been dating.

He told in an interview I'd embarrass her if I said her name,

she's incredibly famous. I'll have to do my best for her. It's amazing how far a simple bunch of freshly picked flowers will go in a lady's life, I find.

Speculation among the fan and media have been going for a while but there has not been any concrete proof and disclosure as to whom the star has been dating.