How Successful Is Mexican Model Mayrin Villanueva? Let's Know About Her Career, Net Worth & Earnings

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Mayrin Villanueva Ulloa, simply known as Mayrin Villanueva, is a Mexican actress and model who has been featured in many mainstream magazines and played roles in multiple television shows. She has also starred as the protagonist of the telenovela Mentir Para Vivir. From 1988 to this point of time, Mayrin has remained headstrong and has amused many fans through her performances.

So, has her hard work paid off? Does she earn piles and piles of cash? Let's find out.

Mayrin Villanueva's Professional Career

Mayrin has played in a total of seventeen TV shows and a short movie. She is best known for her performance in Yo Amo a Juan Querendon. Her roles in Nina Amada Mia and Vecinos are also well-received.

Her work has earned her a total of six nominations and one award in the prestigious TvyNovelas Awards.

CAPTION: Mayrin in Yo Amo a Juan Querendon
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Her recent works include Mujeres de Negro, Mi Corazon es Tuyo, and Me declaro culpable. Vecinos is her longest-running series in which she has appeared in 119 episodes spanning 13 years. From her current position, it can be easily assumed that she has a lot of work underway.  

Villanueva's Net Worth

Not much is known about Mayrin Villanueva's net worth. Like many celebs out there, her net worth is under the covers and no information regarding it has surfaced. Same goes for her assets and investments. Like her husband Eduardo Santamarina, Mayrin probably has a net worth in millions.

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Even though we don't have a lot of evidence regarding her finances, we do know that her work has made a major impact on Mexican TV and has inspired a lot of aspiring teens.

Quick Overview of Her Personal Life

Before her current husband, Mayrin was married to the actor Jorge Poza. After an eleven year long relationship, the two filed for divorce.

After remaining single for many years, she got married to the Mexican filmmaker and actor Eduardo Santamarina


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Mayrin has three children: Romina, Sebastian, and Julia. Among them, Julia is the youngest. Romina and Sebastian were born from her previous marriage and Julia was born after she married Eduardo.