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Home Gossip 28 Years Old Internet Personality JonTron's Income and Net Worth: An Overview on His Career

28 Years Old Internet Personality JonTron's Income and Net Worth: An Overview on His Career

Blueprince Mon Jul, 2018
28 Years Old Internet Personality JonTron's Income and Net Worth: An Overview on His Career

JonTron, a.k.a. Jonathan Aryan Jafari, is a 28 years old American internet personality best known for his works on YouTube as a reviewer and comedian. JonTron has made lots of money out of YouTube and his net worth stands in million.

JonTron is very famous for his reviews on films, games and TV shows. Once on his channel, he openly criticized black people and argued in favor of the white people. This made him lose a lot of subscribers from his channel as well as his character from Yooka-Laylee video game.

Let's find out about all these stories. 

JonTron’s net worth

Due to the increasing number of subscribers on his channel, the celebrity has earned himself a lot of fame and money. His current net worth is estimated to be about $1 million.

CAPTION: Yotube Reviewer,JonTron SOURCE: heavy

A major part of his income come from his YouTube videos that is basically film, game, and TV show reviews.

Besides, he also runs a charity campaign to raise money, but the purpose has still not been disclosed.

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JonTron’s Profession

Jonathan’s first channel was created in 2006. Four years later, he created another Youtube channel by the name of “JonTron Show”. In the channel, he uploaded games of many different genres and also included the voice of his pet parakeet.

CAPTION: JonTron with his pet parakeet
SOURCE: youtube

Jonathan gradually became an expert in reviewing games, and because of his growing popularity, he created two more channels, which have now become defunct.

Web Series

Jonathan then started filming web series and appeared in the “JonTron’sStarCade”. In the web series, he reviewed about games adapted from Star Wars series.

The web series was produced by Maker Studios and also featured many other YouTube personalities like Kyle Hebert, Ross, Barnett, and Egoraptor.

SOURCE: deathbattlefanon

He has also co-created “NormalBoots” with Austin Hargrave, where the duo uploaded content such as Did You Know Gaming?, Indie Games Searchlight, and The Completionist and earned lots of revenue from the advertisements.

JonTron also teamed up with Arin Egoraptor, another YouTube celebrity to create a Lets Play Series "Game Grumps”, which they hosted via their respective channels.

JonTron also became one of the searched memes in 2015. He has collaborated with many YouTube stars for their work.

JonTron has also made many other appearances where he has reviewed about popular games like ‘Animal Crossing’, ‘Banjo-Kazooie’, ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘Dragon Quest’, ‘Pikmin’, ‘Pokemon’, and ‘Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric".

Likewise, he has also done a lot of voice-over works. He has also recorded an album entitled Love is Like Drugs in collaboration with The Gregory Brothers in 2016.