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Home Gossip 26 Years Instagram Personality Brittany Renner Has Rumors of Dating Trey Songz; Details of Her Affairs

26 Years Instagram Personality Brittany Renner Has Rumors of Dating Trey Songz; Details of Her Affairs

Greece Wed Jun, 2019
26 Years Instagram Personality Brittany Renner Has Rumors of Dating Trey Songz; Details of Her Affairs

A very few people get to fame through social media sites. One of the few examples Brittany Renner is popular for her Instagram identity and modeling. Moreover, she is also known as a fitness personality and an aspiring actress. She has millions of followers on her Instagram account. 

Renner had been in the relationship with multiple guys and even faced media scrutiny concerning her personal life. It was rumored that she was dating Trey Songz. Let's find out all her affairs and let's see if she is single or married? Stay tuned with us. 

Renner's Relationship

Having a tremendous fan following on various social sites, mainly on Instagram, Renner is eyed by many people. Her well-toned body is one of the major attractions that has been seeking attention. Let's check out her all relationships.

Relationship With Trey Songz

Brittany also had an intimate relationship but a short one with Trey Songz, an American singer, and a songwriter.

The two were in a secret relationship with each other in around 2014. Their pair's story did not last very long but created hype in the media.  

Trey CAPTION: Trey Songz and Brittany Renner SOURCE: VladTV

Besides, she had also tweeted on her Twitter account that she had a crush on Trey Songz. 

Later, the couple ended their relationship due to some reasons. Moreover, Trey has also been in a few other relationships, Brittany being one.  

Affair with Casey Therriault

Casey Therriault is also a part of Brittany's life. It is the longest relationship ever in her life. Well, her relationship continued for five years. 

Besides, Casey is well famous as a fitness model and a social media star. Renner shared a lot of photos and memories with Casey but their relationship ended with some misunderstanding.

Brittany CAPTION: Brittany Renner and Casey Therriault kissing SOURCE: Lipstickalley

Well, they started dating in 2008 but as per her interview with DJ Vlad in 2014, she admitted that somewhere media was also responsible for their break up.

Moreover, she also said in the same interview:

"I don't know why people in the relationships think they can take over control to each   other. Even there is something more in life than dating someone. Umm! Really, I don't be really serious about the relationship."

Dated Colin Kaepernick

Renner was in a relationship with Colin Kaepernick, an American Footballer, for some while in 2014. They shared a lot of memories together but after some duration of time, they parted ways.

However, their relationship became a big controversy when Renner posted on Instagram about her pregnancy.

Brittany CAPTION: Brittany Renner and Collin Kaepernick SOURCE: Sportsgossip

They also had some issues on social media sites related to this topic. We know that Renner didn't marry Colin but their Instagram communication made the public more curious about it.

Well, it was found that during the October of the same year, Brittany posted on social media; "preggers by @kaepernick7" pointing to Colin. 

So immediately, Colin replied on his Instagram profile with a photo. He captioned the photo saying

"We don't just call this my anthem now! Keep trying. #IDontGetTired #WhoDoYouLove #Se7enPounds." 

Although Kaepernick didn't mention Renner by name, it was obvious to whom he was indicating. After some time, Brittany deleted her status and mentioned that she is not pregnant. 

Relationship with Lil Uzi Vert

Talking about her next guy, she was in a relationship with an American singer Lil Uzi Vert. They were seen together in many places. And they had also shared many photos of kissing.

Lil CAPTION: Lil Uzi Vert and Brittany Renner SOURCE: Hollywoodlife

However, the relationship did not last long and they broke apart after a few months of dating.

Love Affairs with James Harden

The last relationship of the model was with an American basketball player James Harden. The couple started dating in June 2018.

Brittany CAPTION: Brittany Renner and James Harden SOURCE: Whodatedwho

The two were very much into each other initially, however, the relationship started deteriorating. Soon, they broke up in October of the same year.

As of 2019, the IG model is single and living happily. In her Twitter account, she posted,

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