How Is Canadian Chef Matty Matheson Married Relationship With Wife Trish Spencer And Children?

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Matty Matheson is a Canadian born chef best known for his bad boy persona in TV series Dead Set on Life. The chef is currently married to his wife Trish Spencer and just a few months back, he revealed that he and his wife are expecting their second child together via an Instagram post. 

Born on 7th February 1986, the 32-year-old serves as an executive chef at Parts and Labour and has hundred thousand followers on his social media. 

Here we are going to talk about Matheson's marital life with wife Trish Spencer and their children. 

Matty Matheson Marital Life with Wife Trish Spencer

Matty Matheson is currently married to his wife Trish Spencer, who is the co-owner of LoversLand, a wedding boutique. According to sources, they knew each other since they were teenagers and started dating at a very young age. 



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The exact date of their wedding is unknown but on August 9th, 2017, he uploaded a picture of himself and his wife on Instagram and wrote in the captions that they had been married for three years and in a relationship for almost 18 years. 

This means they got married back in 2014, and their marriage seems to be heading forward very smoothly despite their almost two-decade-long relationship and three years long marriage. 

The loving chef-husband loves to pamper his wife and has no problems showing her off on his socials. Matter of fact, he likes to cook her stake whenever she is down and makes her feel special and loves almost all the time. 



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There are also no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce which shows how healthy their marriage actually is. 

Matty Matheson and Trish Spencer's Son is Becoming a Brother

Mr. and Mrs. Matheson have a son together named Mac Matheson who was born on 15th March 2016.

On his 2nd birthday, the proud father even uploaded some pictures of his birthday and shared the happy day with his followers. 



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While Mac was the only child then, he is soon going to be a brother as his mother is pregnant. The father got a massive shock on 2nd June 2018, when he came home to his wife and son surprising him with the news that he is becoming a father again. 

He shared the moment on Instagram where his wife and son can be seen in front of a canvas and 'It's a girl' is written on it. So, we know that his son is going to have a sister, but the due date is still unknown. 

Nonetheless, his fans are more than happy to know that Matheson is going to have a family of four and it is indeed very fascinating.

Quick Facts about Matty Matheson:

Who is Matty Matheson's wife?

Trish Spencer is Chef Matty Matheson's wife.

When did Matty Matheson and Trish Spencer get married?

The exact date of their marriage is unknown but Matty Matheson uploaded a picture of him and Trish Spencer in August 2017, saying he had been married for 3 years.

How many kids do Matty Matheson and Trish Spencer have?

Matty Matheson and Trish Spencer have two kids; a boy and a girl.