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Home Gossip American YouTuber Keemstar's Net Worth & Earning From His Profession: All About His Career

American YouTuber Keemstar's Net Worth & Earning From His Profession: All About His Career

Blueprince Sun Jul, 2018
American YouTuber Keemstar's Net Worth & Earning From His Profession: All About His Career

Daniel Keem, also known by his username Killer Keemstar, is a 36-year-old American Youtuber who is famously known for his YouTube web series DramaAlert. And as the name goes, the show covers all Internet-related topics such as quarrels between well-known YouTubers, scandals related to famous internet personalities and many more.

With his YouTube channel, the Youtuber has successfully grabbed a lot of attention and has amassed a huge net worth. So how much is he worth now? Let's also know about his earning and salary from his profession.

Keemstar’s Net Worth

According to sources, Keemstar has an estimated net worth of $2 million, and the figures are more likely to move forward due to his growing popularity.

His YouTube channel has been currently ranked in the Top 1000 YouTube channels in terms of subscriber count. And not to mention, and the channel’s subscription increases by a few thousand daily, and so does the views on his videos.

On February 10, 2016, he reached 1 million, and on October 10, 2017, he reached 3 million subscribers.

It is estimated that Keem earns around $7,000-$100,000 monthly. The estimated earnings per 1000 YouTube views are $0.25-$4. Keem currently gains over 930,000 new views each day, meaning that he makes between $230 and $3700 daily.

He bought a house back in October 2016, in Buffalo, New York. And it is undeniable that the house is a substantial part of his net worth.

Likewise, Daniel also owns a  white Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which costs around $90,000.

CAPTION: Keem's car
SOURCE: gazettereview

Keem isn’t really into charity, but he made a sizeable donation of $2,500 to H3H3Productions’ legal fund, the reasons for which are still not disclosed. Anyway, it is still praiseworthy.

Keemstar’s Professional Life

Daniel has stated that he always wanted to be a lawyer and was a former live streamer. However, the YouTube rose to prominence mostly because of his YouTube Career. 

Well, let's know about his work in different YouTube channels.

Keemstar's 1st YouTube Channel XDJKeemstar

Keem started his internet career back in 2009, from his YouTube channel XDJKeemstar. During that time, his YouTube video got over 100,000 views in general.

SOURCE: youtube

The channel was taken down in January 2013, when he was recorded playing Halo 3 when he was intoxicated. He had no idea about it until people started sending him messages.

Although the channel did not run for a long time, he must have made a decent sum from the channel. And if that is the case, there is nothing wrong to say that the channel owes him the net worth he owns at present.

His Work On DJ Keemstar

He was then contacted by people who posted that video on YouTube and offered him a spot on the channel F.A.G (The Federation of Asshole Gamers), a channel that makes videos aimed at trolling the popular game Halo.

CAPTION: DJ Keemstar
SOURCE: coub

It was here that he started using his now screen name DJ Keemstar, but unfortunately for him, the YouTube channel was also taken down in March 2014.

He Is Active on His Channel DramaAlert At Present

His fully functioning YouTube channel at present is DramaAlert. It was started as a platform to showcase the twitter wars between several YouTubers. It is now an extremely popular channel on YouTube with more than 2.9 million subscribers.

The idea behind this channel came after he got popular on Twitter by “shoutcasting” whenever there was a feud between youTubers, using the hashtag #DramaAlert.

Well, the idea has proved to of major importance at least for him, and the channel add up a substantial sum to his net worth every now and then.

CAPTION: DramaAlert
SOURCE: gamebanana

Keem claims that he does not control the channel as he has been banned permanently from creating or handling a YouTube channel and that DramaAlert is looked after by an assistant, but in August 2016, while doing a live stream he went into the channel’s settings, showing that he had full access to the channel all the time.

That's a good news for his fans.

Other ventures

Daniel is also a music producer. His popular music platform is Soundcloud. He is also popular on and there are over 3 million streams of songs that he has produced. 

Dollar in the Woods is amongst his most popular music releases.