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Home Gossip American YouTuber Ian Hecox Net Worth And Career Endeavors: His Earning From YouTube

American YouTuber Ian Hecox Net Worth And Career Endeavors: His Earning From YouTube

Blueprince Mon Jul, 2018
American YouTuber Ian Hecox Net Worth And Career Endeavors: His Earning From YouTube

Ian Hecox is an American YouTuber, who is currently 30 years of age and is immensely popular for his comical works on his YouTube channel Smosh. He runs the channel with another prominent YouTuber and internet sensation Anthony Padilla.

Ian has earned enough from the profession and has a huge net worth that has seen a huge improvement over the years. Below we are going to talk in depth about his career, and the assets he has made out of it.

Ian Hecox’s Net Worth

There are many sources with different reviews regarding Ian Hecox’s assets and properties.

At the end of June 1, 2015, Forbes had exclaimed that Ian Hecox’s net worth was around $2.5 million. There are further no reviews by Forbes in connection to Ian.

Whatnetworth and Gazettereview have stated that Ian as of 2018 holds a total worth of around $8 million.

Likewise, another source Alux has different reviews on the star. According to them, Ian has a total asset that calculates to be around $15 million. Similarly, his salary is estimated to be $7,000,000.

Currently, his Smosh network (Smosh, Smosh Games, Smosh Pit, ElSmosh, and ShutUp! Cartoons) gain around 4 million views per day, which puts their estimated YouTube earning to be around $4,000-16,000 per day. His earning from YouTube indeed plays a huge impact on his net worth.

His various entertainment endeavors earn him more than $1.6 million every year on an average, which makes him along with his YouTube partner the highest paid on the internet.


Ian Hecox has been spotted driving many cars in the past. He is witnessed driving an Audi S3, which has a market value of $63,900.

CAPTION: Ian posing with his Audi S3
SOURCE: Pinterest

He has previously seen driving a Subaru legacy whose current market value is $20,500. Likewise, he also owns a Subaru Impreza WRX STI which costs around $30,000, a Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS and 2001 Hyundai Accent.

Ian’s Professional life


Ian started his YouTube career with a comedy group called Smosh in 2005, the same year YouTube was created, and he gained a lot of recognition from the group’s website, which he had co-opened with his longtime friend and another fellow YouTuber, Anthony Padilla.

CAPTION: Cast of Smosh
SOURCE: imdb

The channel is currently the 24th most subscribed channel in the world and has more than 23 million subscribers.

Ian has released multiple comedy music albums via Smosh, which also include the Sexy Album and If Music Were Real. 

In 2011, Smosh was bought by Defy Media, which increased the channel’s production quality, hired several people for the cast, and also released several new series.

CAPTION: Ian with Anthony
SOURCE: tubefilter

Ian is now the leader of Smosh since Anthony left the channel. His channel has earned multiple awards and has been able to produce two fully featured films.

Keep going Ian.