All About American YouTube Personality Michael Stevens: His Net Worth and Overall Income

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Michael Stevens is a 32-year-old American Youtube personality. He has established a successful career for himself which in turn has remarkably gained him immense closure and popularity as well.

Michael Steven is a comedian, a public speaker, and educator, a youtube star and lastly an entertainer, born with creative ideas. Out of his varied profession, he has accumulated a huge net worth and his overall income is pretty good.

Michael Steven’s Net Worth

Michael Steven's net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be around $5 million.

CAPTION: Michael Stevens
SOURCE: vidcon

Most of his earnings come from the comedy shows that he does on-screen and also from the videos that he uploads on his YouTube channel Vsauce.

Furthermore, no details have been provided regarding the Youtuber’s other source of income.

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Michael Steven’s overall income and career

Overall income

Almost every money that Michael has earned till now can be sourced back to his videos on YouTube. While serving as a host, he is regarded as the most successful YouTuber with 12 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views.

CAPTION: Michael Stevens
SOURCE: faze

In his YouTube channel, he started by uploading videos related to games and later, he started providing educational content for DOT and discuss the different concepts of philosophy, culture, illusion, and science.


His career as YouTuber personality started in 2007, with the name pooplicker888. His videos were featured by College Humor and Funny Or Die.

After that, he produced short comedy films related to the United States presidential election 2008, which got him an offer to join an online comedy group called Barely Political.

He then made a shift to New York and joined Next New Networks, where he portrayed different comic roles. 

Similarly, 2010 saw the gaming side of Michael when he resurfaced on YouTube with his new channel Vsauce. The channel focused mostly on the video game content.

In the channel, he produced different series such as V-LIST for video games, IMG for featuring viral images, LUT for showing interested products, DONG for Do Online Now Guys for online games and tools. Afterward, he made educational videos which caught the eyes of the regular viewers.


Steven won the Real Player Video Awards, for the educational videos in 2013. The following year, he won the Webby Awards 2014 for the People's Voice for News&Information.

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CAPTION: Michael at The Jimmy Kimmel Show
SOURCE: tubefilter

In 2015, he received the Streamy Awards for making Science and Educational videos and also received the Webb Awards for spreading the word of Science and Education through his channel Vsauce.