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Home Gossip Is American Reality TV Star Action Bronson Married? His Past Affairs & Children

Is American Reality TV Star Action Bronson Married? His Past Affairs & Children

Chandra Rana Thu Oct, 2018
Is American Reality TV Star Action Bronson Married? His Past Affairs & Children

Ariyan Arslani, professionally known as Action Bronson, has acquired a lot of fame as a host for the TV shows like The Untitled Action Bronson Show, as well as his travel program Fuck, That's Delicious. The 34-year-old reality television star, rapper, author, and talk show host is also an adorable father of his 2 children.

However, Action Bronson has kept his details on his married life and datings secret till date. So, fans are craving to know if he is married, if so, how is his relationship with his wife going on? Recently, Action was seen with a mysterious girl that was claimed to be his girlfriend. Oh well, let's know details on his personal life.

Action Bronson Married? Father of 2 Children

It's not a secret anymore that the TV star cum rapper, Action Bronson is the father of 2 children, though the detail on the mother of his children is yet to be disclosed.

Some sources claim Bronson to be married secretly. However, no reports on Action Bronson's wedding has emerged. Also, there are no details relating to his wife.

Besides, despite the revelation that Bronson fathers 2 daughters Elijah and Hannah, Bronson has not shared photos with his children. Probably, he wants to avoid the media's attention; quite protective!

Also, Action has tattooed his kid’s names on his chest and has also mentioned them in his rap 5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps. But no signs of his wife has ever appeared.

CAPTION: Action Bronson's daughters named Tattoo SOURCE: Sidewalk Hustle

Once, Action Bronson mentioned that he had a girlfriend at the age of 15 while working at Key Foods. So maybe, the mother of his children is that mysterious girlfriend with whom he separated later. Or maybe not, sadly.

Really, Action Bronson seems to like to keep it secret, but not completely. He is claimed to have a girlfriend now, let's know.

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Mysterious Girlfriend of Action Bronson

Since 2015, Action Bronson is seen with a mysterious lady. Also, there are several posts that show the duo on his social media. Sources have tagged her as his girlfriend as Bronson uses the words like a queen, universe, eternity to define her.

Though, the detail on his mysterious girlfriend is yet to be revealed. The couple seems to be living a blissful life together and is assumed to be dating for a long time. Check this out!

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But for a fact, Bronson even now has not opened up about his marriage with his girlfriend; also no plans for the wedding bells have popped up.

The assumption of his secret marriage again lives on. 

CAPTION: Action Bronson with his mysterious girlfriend SOURCE: Instagram

Well, the truth is never hidden. So, let's hope the truth on Action Bronson's relationship will be out soon.

Stay tuned.