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Home Gossip Is American TV Personality Zak Bagans Married? Know If He Has a Wife And His Past Affairs

Is American TV Personality Zak Bagans Married? Know If He Has a Wife And His Past Affairs

Chandra Rana Wed Oct, 2018
Is American TV Personality Zak Bagans Married? Know If He Has a Wife And His Past Affairs

Zak Bagans as a person fits perfectly with the type of career he has chosen. The 41-year-old is the principal host of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures. Besides his TV career, Zak Bagans, an American paranormal investigator, actor, television personality, and an author, is in the limelight also for his romantic relationships.

Back in 2014, Zak Bagans was reported to be engaged which undeniably awaits a probable marriage. However, for a span of time, there have been multiple rumors of his romantic affairs. But, in spite of all the tidbits, Zak has often referred to himself as single. So, what's up with his marriage and datings? Let's know.

Zak Bagans Was Engaged; Is He Married?

Zak Bagans, who stands 5ft 9 inches, has often kept his relationship low profile, but back on April 1, 2014, he created a huge buzz on social media as he revealed that he was engaged.

Zak shared a tweet addressing engagement with his fiance Ashley, followed by a picture featuring them both. Check it out.

Also, he did mention his desire to get married soon. However, the wedding bells with Ashley never rang.

On one hand, sources claimed that Bagans and his fiance Ashley had called off their engagement, while on the other hand, the engagement news shared on April Fool's Day dragged the conclusion of a prank.

Nevertheless, the truth never was enlighted either by Zak Bagans or his so-called fiance Ashley.

CAPTION: Zak Bagans SOURCE: ABC Action News

As per the report of October 2018, Zak Bagans is not married till date and no news on his wife or marriage plans is out yet. Also, Zak was alleged to have a daughter that he took no time to deny. 

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Well, if not marriage, Zak has surely been in a few romantic relationships.

Zak Bagans' Relationship Status: Dating?

Zak Bagans, with his good physique and a charming face, is claimed to have a beautiful date, so is it true?

Well, once he was romantically linked with cosmetologist and MySpace Internet celebrity Christine Dolce, however, before Zak could confirm their relationship, she died on February 6, 2017. 

And on April 19, 2017, Bagans shared an Instagram post depicting himself single. Have a look.

View this post on Instagram

...Some of us old souls just prefer independence

A post shared by Zak Bagans (@realzakbagans) on

But it seems he is back again in the dating game.

Even though Zak lacks post related to his dating and relationship on his social media, he is allegedly dating Marcy Delatorre. 

The things got even more heated after the duos were seen lip-locking.

CAPTION: Zak Bagans and Marcy Delatorre Kissing SOURCE: Pinterest

Probably, the duos will come up with the exciting news soon.

We wish them best for further.

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Zak Bagans Gay Rumors

Zak Bagans was once rumored to be a gay. After TheWorldsMostRandom published a video on February 7, 2017, where Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin admitted that they were gay, all the news made its way among the mass.

Here is the video.

But as you can see, the video was made for the entertainment purpose only. A blow to the rumors again.

Quite a funny one!

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We wish Zak Bagans best in his life ahead.