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Home Gossip American TV Personality David Venable's Earnings and Net Worth: His Professional Accomplishments

American TV Personality David Venable's Earnings and Net Worth: His Professional Accomplishments

Chandra Rana Sun Nov, 2018
American TV Personality David Venable's Earnings and Net Worth: His Professional Accomplishments

Famous for hosting the TV show named In the Kitchen with David on QVC, David Venable is an American TV personality and author. Working for the QVC since 1993, Venable is estimated to have earned the net worth of $1 million.

The author of 3 cookbooks, 53-year-old David has sold over 500,000 copies of his books and has garnered an enormous fortune. Want to know about his career earnings and net worth? Scroll down.

David Venable's Net Worth From His Career: His Properties

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, the American TV personality graduated in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Hired by QVC in 1993, David has sustained with the broadcasting network since then. Previously, he worked for the promotion of the company's gourmet food products.

It was in 2009 that David Venable's career took a turn as he came up with a TV show Kitchen with David on QVC.

CAPTION: David Venable SOURCE: Huffington Post

After the show featuring the cooking tips aired, David Venable became an internet favorite and his dance moves 'Happy Dance' which he does while cooking became even more popular.

Well, meanwhile the salary of the 6ft 6 inches tall TV host's is yet to be disclosed, however, sources claim David's salary to be hundreds of thousand dollars. 

Video: Venable's Happy Dance on the QVC show.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, the average salary of the host of TV cooking show is $82,000 while the highest paid personalities like Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray, and Wolfgang Puck makes over $38 million, $28 million and $25 million respectively.

David Venable, with his 25 years of professional career, is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $1 million as of 2018

Not only his TV career but David's cookbooks also aid to his net worth. The author of 3 cookbooks has reportedly sold over a half million copies. His books are: 

  • Comfort Food Shortcuts: An "In the Kitchen with David" Cookbook (2018)
  •  Back Around the Table: An "In the Kitchen with David" Cookbook from QVC's Resident Foodie (2014)
  • In the Kitchen with David: QVC's Resident Foodie Presents Comfort Foods That Take You Home (2012)

Talking about his residence, sources cite David's residence to be in Philadelphia, but the details are unassured.

Venable has kept curtains over his other property details, but hope the details will be out soon.

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David Venable's LifeStyle: Hidden Facts

With the net worth of $1 million it undoubtedly easier to afford the quality lifestyle. But David who likes to keep away himself from the showoff-stuffs, he can't resist showing his love for foods.

Surfing through his Instagram, Venable is seen sharing the post of the mouth-watering dishes.

It seems David is deeply in love with his profession as he barely speaks up about anything except his professional life. No reports on David's datings or marriage is out, and furthermore, he is alleged to be single.

But, without a doubt, nothing is ahead of mother's love.

Yeah, David is mama's boy. He credits his mother for his love for cooking. In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, he told:

I was raised by a single mom, and I’m the youngest of three kids. We were always encouraged to work hard toward our goals. Whenever I had a pie in the sky idea, my mother never thought anything was out of reach.
CAPTION: David Venable with his mother SOURCE: Instagram

We wish him best for further. Stay tuned for updates!