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Home Gossip American Personality Darrell Sheets' Success Story: Details of His Career and Net Worth

American Personality Darrell Sheets' Success Story: Details of His Career and Net Worth

Kurt Tue Jul, 2018
American Personality Darrell Sheets' Success Story: Details of His Career and Net Worth

Reality TV shows have been a part of television for a long time and everybody has their own reality show that they like. If you are the ones who like to watch a reality show that is related to good luck and gambling then you may be familiar with the show Storage Wars and one of its star Darrell Sheets. Darrell has earned the nickname The Gambler from the show, and he has grown to fame with the show.

As a star of one of the successful reality show which is in its 11th season, he should have made quite a living out of it. We are here today to talk about the career growth of Darrell and the net worth he has collected till now. So, continue with the article to find out more about the Gambler's success.

Career Of The Gambler

In 2010, A&E Network released the reality show Storage Wars which was a show about storage hunter who would go to auctions of storage to buy them at a price in hopes that the content inside would bring them more profit than their investment.

Viewers got to know of Darrell from the show and he became a TV celebrity through the show.

CAPTION: Darrell Sheets in White
SOURCE: tvreals

It was not the first time he had experienced his job as a hunter but he was storage hunting even before the start of the show.

In the past, he has found a storage worth of $300,000. The locker had contained art pieces by Frank Guttierez thus increasing the value of the storage unit.

Clip of Darrell's huge score

Aside from him, the other stars of the show include Barry Weiss, Brandon Sheets, Dave Hester, Mary Padian, Brandi PassanteDan and Laura Dotson. Every other member has a nickname of their own with Darrell having the nickname The Gambler due to his nature to take risks on auction items which seemingly do not show much value at a glance.

His gambling habit keeps him as one of the interesting characters of the show.

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In the past, he only used to be a treasure hunter and an auctioneer which would pay him off high if he made the right purchase, but he would also face losses as well. Since his TV debut, he has become one of the show's favorites which have helped him a lot in his career to have a steady earning as well.

Net Worth Through Gambling

Looks like all the gambling that he does in the auction has paid off for him because the net worth of the gambler is estimated to be around $4.5 million. Granted that all of his financial success cannot be tied to his gambling in auctions alone.

CAPTION: The Gambler
SOURCE: storageunitauctionlist

Being in one of the successful reality show has also helped to increase his financial value. He was reported to have a $300,000 salary from his show Storage Wars. Looks like all of his gambles have paid off for him to be this successful in life.

Good Luck Darrell!!