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Home Gossip American TV Personality Blair Underwood's Salary and Net Worth: Details On His Career

American TV Personality Blair Underwood's Salary and Net Worth: Details On His Career

Blueprince Fri Jul, 2018
American TV Personality Blair Underwood's Salary and Net Worth: Details On His Career

53 years old American TV personality Blair Erwin Underwood is already a household name and this is all because of his role as Andrew Garner in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The actor has made a large earning from his profession and has been successful to bag a huge net worth.

Today, we are to dig deeper into his earning and the salary he makes out of his profession. We will also talk about his source of earning apart from his acting career.

Blair's Property, Net Worth, And Salary

Having made appearances in a total of 37 movies (as in 2018), Blair Underwood has achieved a total of $6 million as his net worth.

Likewise, he charges around $120,000 for every episode of TV shows he appears in. 

Talking about his real estate properties, he owns a house at Los Feliz, which he bought in 1999. The market value for that property is $870,000.

The star might own a series of cars, and other vehicles, but have not been enlisted to date.

Blair’s Earning

Blair attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has since pursued his career in acting. He has also starred in several shows and movies.

Blair as a soap artist

His debut in The Cosby Show, along with Bill Cosby, paved his way further in Hollywood. Thereafter, he starred in a few soap opera including One Life to Live.

CAPTION: Brian Underwood at The Cosby Show.
SOURCE: pinterest

He then got a role in L.A. Law, where he appeared from 1987 to 1994. He also once appeared in the 1987 TV series 21 Jump Street, beside young Johnny Depp. He appeared in just one episode of the show, Gotta Finish the Riff.

Blair's Profession as an Actor

Blair made into the movies with roles in Just Cause (1995), Set It Off(1996) and Deep Impact (1998). He also had a supporting role in the movie Gattaca.

He also played a lead in a short-lived television series City of Angels. In 2003, he guest starred on the HBO series Sex and the City, where he played the love interest of the character named Cynthia Nixon.

CAPTION: Brian with Cynthia at the set of Sex And the City
SOURCE: playbuzz

In 2004, he appeared in NBC’S LAX as Roger De Souza. His career gained acclamations for his role as a grade school teacher in the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine.

In 2007, he guest starred in an episode of the NBC series Law&Order: Special Victims Unit.

Underwood portrayed the role of United States President Elias Martinez in the NBC drama series The event for 2010-2011.

CAPTION: Brian as president, Elias Martinez
SOURCE: tvguide

In 2012, he appeared as a lead for A Streetcar Named Desire, a Broadway revival show.

He also undertook the role of Robert Ironside for the remake of the successful 1960s television series Ironside. The show was later canceled after three episodes. In 2016, he was a cast in the ABC thriller series Quantico as Owen Hall.

With a variety of roles in different movies, we can all assume that he has had a huge success with movies, and undoubtedly has made huge earnings as well. However, there are no official stats regarding his salary, or his earning from different movies individually.