American Music Personality Jay Park's Net Worth And Career: His Sources of Income

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Born on April 25, 1987, Jay Park is a 31 years old Korean-American music personality and a prominent member of the Seattle-based B-Boy crew Art of Movement. He is also the founder and CEO of the hip-hop record label AOMG and of H1GHR Music.

Jay Park is known for being the first Asian American to get signed into Roc Nation before he started out as a b-boy dancer. The article below deals with the artist's overall net worth that he has achieved till date and all of his popular songs. 

Jay Park's Net Worth: $3 million

As of 2018, Jay Park is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million, which is pretty low for a person of his stature. 

He is a singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter choreographer and an entrepreneur. He owns his record label company, the AOMG, and H1GHR Music.

SOURCE: allkpop

But there's a certain contrast regarding his net worth. According to Gazettereview, Jay Park now holds a net worth of $10 million.

He has no houses and cars enlisted to his name but has been seen posing around a white Bentley which could have cost him around $200,000, or maybe it's just for his music video.

Jay has also signed contracts with multinational companies like deNIZEN and Levi Strauss, and many others, which have helped him in his net worth.

Jay Park's career


Jay first started his career in 2003, when he joined the b-boy crew Art Of Movement and owing to the support of his mother, he went for an audition in 2005 in Korea for a JYP Entertainment. 

Let's talk about his different career one by one.


His first single 10 out of 10 was debuted in 2008 on the M! Countdown music program. Soon after its release, his new group 2PM also released their new album Hottest Time of The Day.

Jay was the most recognizable face of his group, and quickly made a huge fan base for himself.


He then started his YouTube channel in 2009 named Jayparkaom, where he first release the cover of Nothing On You by Bruno Mars, who won Top Prize at the Grammy's and B.O.B, which went viral immediately. due to the rising success of his cover song, in 2010, he was featured by B.O.B for the same song.

He has released an EP titled Count on Me, in both Korean and English. His single Girlfriend was released at the end of 2011, and his first Korean album Take a Deeper Look was released in 2012, and also earned him a Golden Disk Awards at Asake.

CAPTION: New Breed
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His major Korean album was named New Breed and was released in 2012. He toured all over America and later released a mixtape titled Fresh A!r Breathe !t.

CAPTION: Jay Park with Beyonce and Jay Z
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Recently, he signed a contract with Roc Nation, Jay-Z's record label


Jay has been featured in many movies like Hype Nation, Mr. Idol where he starred with Kim Su-ro. However, he is better known for his other ventures that we have already mentioned above.