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Home Gossip American Naturalist Eustace Conway's Career Achievements & Net Worth At Present

American Naturalist Eustace Conway's Career Achievements & Net Worth At Present

Shree Krishna Fri Oct, 2018
American Naturalist Eustace Conway's Career Achievements & Net Worth At Present

Eustace Robinson Conway IV, better known as Eustace Conway, is an American naturalist and educator. Conway is widely known as the subject of the book named The Last American Man, written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Conway has also been the subject of Adventures in the Simple Life by Sarah Vowel. He has also appeared on the History Channel's Mountain Men.

Conway turned professional after his graduation from Appalachian State University and has been earning enough to live a lavish lifestyle, a life of a celebrity. Currently, Conway has a net worth estimated at $200 thousand. Find out more about his net worth, income, and career.

Eustace Conway's Net Worth in 2018

Eustace Conway has an estimated net worth of $200,000, as of 2018. Conway earns around $25,000 from his TV show, Mountain Men.

In addition, his income from his environmental education center, Turtle Island Preserve, is an addition to his wealth.

Likewise, Conway is the owner of the 1,000 acres Turtle Island Preserve in Boone, North Carolina. He founded Turtle Island Preserve in 1987.

Conway, the 57-year old naturalist, and educator rose to fame, appearing in the History Channel's TV show Mountain Men. The show premiered on May 31, 2012. Mountain Men showcases the day to day life and chorus along with his preparations of food for coming winter from Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina.

As mentioned earlier, Conway has been the subject of the books, The Last American Man, Adventures In the Simple Life. His earnings from those ventures must also add to his net worth.

Given that he left his family at the age of 17, Conway has earned his wealth all on his own.

Eustace Conway's and Family

Eustace Conway was born on September 15, 1961, in Columbia, South Carolina, to parents Karen Conway and Eustace Robinson Conway III. He has three siblings, Judson Conway, Martha Conway, and Walton Conway.

At the age of 17, in 1978, Conway left his family and home to live a primitive lifestyle, just like fellow American naturalist Mike Dodge. He chose to leave in tents in the woods instead with his family.

Conway decided to hike the entire Appalachian Trail and therefore was bonded to nature. Cutting loose to own family, Conway found the bond with nature!