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Home Gossip 48 Years American Hip Hop Musician Roxanne Shante's Net Worth & Professional Life

48 Years American Hip Hop Musician Roxanne Shante's Net Worth & Professional Life

Shree Krishna Thu Nov, 2018
48 Years American Hip Hop Musician Roxanne Shante's Net Worth & Professional Life

Artists like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj are running the show named "rap" in the current time. But prior to their prominence in the industry, there was a female rapper who took the lead. She is none other than the Queen's, New York City born American hip-hop musician and rapper Roxanne Shante. Shante is regarded as one of the best female rappers of the 90s.

Shante, since 2006, is rarely active in the music world. Her absence has seen a drastic downfall in her net worth. The leading artist of her time, Shante has also earned a huge net worth for herself.

Find out in detail about her net worth, career, and know what she is up to recently.

Roxanne Shante's Net Worth in 2018

Roxanne Shante, the American hip-hop artist/rapper, has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. Shante has primarily earned her wealth through years of hard work as a professional musician, which solely lived in the 90s.  

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Shante has rare involvement in the music industry in today's date and the significant source of her income is unknown. But she does receive royalties from her music sales. Shante has released two studio albums and 19 singles so far.

Roxanne Shante's Glorious Days in the Industry

Born to Lolita Shante Gooden in Queens, New York, Shante started rapping at the age of nine. Only at 14, Shante became a local artist, releasing Roxanne, Roxanne with artists like Tyrone Williams, DJ Mr. Magic and Marley Marl.

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In 1985, Shante released a record, "Round One, Roxanne Shante vs Sparky Dee" with rapper Sparky D. The record was released by Spin Records. In 1989, Shante released her first studio album Bad Sister, followed by the release of her second titled The Bitch is Back in 1992. All these works have substantially helped in the growth of his net worth.

By the age of 25, Shante largely retired from the recording industry, yet continued to make occasional guest appearances. Also, she mentored young female hip-hop artists. In 2008, Shante made a comeback, performing her song Roxanne's Revenge.

Shante's sudden dismissal from the industry has shocked many of her fans. And many wonders what she is up to currently. Let's find out.

Roxanne Shante: Her Life At Present

Shante, 48, currently lives in New Jersey. She co-runs a non-profit educational organization. Shante is also active on Instagram and her fans can also get updates from her Instagram.

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In 2017, the story of Shante was brought to the audience by Netflix with the drama movie titled Roxanne Roxanne. And speaking at the premiere of the movie, Shante answered a long due question, whether she will be rapping again or not. She said,

If Roxanne Shanté did an album it would be a ‘Roxanne Shanté Presents’ because I believe in giving that platform to a lot of sisters whose voices aren’t being heard, who don’t want to compromise their morals, who are afraid to come into the industry because of what they feel is going to happen as far as it being a male-dominated industry, or they need to do this or do that.

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We hope we get to see a great comeback from the artist. All we can do at present is wait.