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Home Gossip Beautiful Lexy Panterra Is Famous For Her Twerking Videos: Her Sources of Income & Net Worth

Beautiful Lexy Panterra Is Famous For Her Twerking Videos: Her Sources of Income & Net Worth

Anjali Limbu Lawati Sun May, 2018
Beautiful Lexy Panterra Is Famous For Her Twerking Videos: Her Sources of Income & Net Worth

Lexy Panterra is known as the Twerk Queen. She is a dancer, actress, singer, choreographer and an entrepreneur as well. She has worked hard to make herself a social media star. She has already posted a lot of twerking videos on her social media account as well as on YouTube.

Her dancing videos are usually hashtagged as Lex TwrekOut. She is the founder of fitness program Lex TwerkOut. She also has an app of the same name where she provides instructions for dancing, twerking and healthy living.

Panterra's Rise to Fame: Entrepreneur, Twerking Queen

Lexy Panterra has started from motor racing to being a beauty queen. Her passion for dancing has brought her where she is now. 

Early Career of Lexy Panterra

Before Lexy Panterra was anything, she was the sweet daughter of moto racer Tony Pantera and niece to 17-time world champion drag racer Alex Rodd.

Blessed with beauty genes from her parents, she has got a perfect body. In fact, just at the age of 5, she participated in her first beauty pageant and won.

CAPTION: Lexy Panterra on a bike

Coming from a family involved in racing, Lexy has also done a few motor racing when young. She won in almost all the races she participated but had to stop racing after her father's accident when she was 11.

Dancing Sensation to Entrepreneur

Panterra, before becoming famous, started out small as a dancer. Panterra also used to upload videos of her dancing in her social media account. Her strong dancing skills and her videos gained her lot of popularity making her an online sensation.

She joined an all-girl R&B group and brought out singles “Supa Dupa” and “Neion.” Her collaboration with Playboy magazine for a video, “Twerking" through History in 2015 led her to prominence. She started trending everywhere.

CAPTION: Twerk Queen Lexy Panterra

She took this golden opportunity to release her Twerking fitness regime where she advised people to become healthy from twerking and shaping bodies. The fitness program was also released in an app version with the same name, Lex TwerkOut.

Lexy Panterra Net Worth And Annual Earning

Panterra, who shows her sculpted body in latex-lad work gears, also never shy away from flaunting her luxurious lifestyle in her social media posts. As a Self-employed entrepreneur, she does not receive a salary, but her fitness program regime and YouTube videos provide her a lot of green cash.

She also makes money from her app. Her current estimated net worth is around $7,50,000. As long as twerking and dancing is cool and hip, the young entrepreneur is sure to make money. Her fortune will rise with her twerking and popularity.