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Home Gossip American Actress Lindsay Lohan's Career From The Beginning: Her Professional Achievements & Net Worth

American Actress Lindsay Lohan's Career From The Beginning: Her Professional Achievements & Net Worth

Sabina Gartaula Fri May, 2018
American Actress Lindsay Lohan's Career From The Beginning: Her Professional Achievements & Net Worth

Bad girl of Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan, the former partner of the businessman Egor Tarabasov, started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of ten and once was regarded as one of the elite actresses in Hollywood making millions of dollars per movie. However, things have changed a lot for Lohan in 2018; her net worth is estimated to be $500,000 and it has remained consistent over the years. 

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Born on 2nd July 1986, the 31-year-old became a household name after she appeared in Mean Girls as Cady Heron. But as she grew up, she started getting into more significant troubles, and most of her days were spent in rehab because of drug addiction and alcoholism problems.

Here, we are going to talk about Lohan’s net worth, earnings, and properties.

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth And Earnings

As of 2018, Lohan has an estimated net worth of $500,000 which is unbelievable. During the peak of her career, her salary for each film was between $7 million to $11 million. Things have changed as the last salary she received was for 2013 movie The Canyons.

According to the Richest, for the micro-budget film, she received a paycheque of $6,480. The sum did not even make a dent in her trouble sum life. In the same year, she also received $200,000 for her role in Scary Movie 5.

Later on, it was also reported that the actress received $2 million for appearing on a reality show trying to rebuild her life. But it seems that the millions of dollars were also spent on her rehab fees and others.

Taking a look at the past, when she was a teenager, she was already earning around $7.5 million for a film. And some of her salaries from films like Mean Girls, Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen, Just My Luck, and Georgia Rule are $1 million, $1 million, $7 million and $7.5 million respectively.

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In 2010, she was even paid $1 million for her Playboy magazine pictures. In 2007-2008, she also became the highest paid actress of her generation.

CAPTION: Lindsay-Lohan-Playboy-magazine
SOURCE: FamousFix

But unfortunately, things took a drastic turn for Lohan, and she is having a hard time with her life, not only financially but is also battling addiction.

Lindsay Lohan Properties And Assets

While Lohan was at the peak of her career, she splurged on the most luxurious goods ever. In 2007 alone, she was reported to have spent $1 million on clothes and also bought a luxury car worth $350,000.

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She also bought a mansion which had a price tag of $2.25 million and a Porsche worth $80,000.

CAPTION: Lindsay Lohan $2.25 million mansion
SOURCE: Daily Mail

As of now, she has been reported to have gone bankrupt numerous times, and her childhood house was also auctioned as her mother was not able to pay the mortgages.

But recently in 2018, when Lohan made an appearance in the Wendy Williams Show, she shared that she is designing an island in Dubai, and she would be moving to Dubai once she finished shooting her film Sick Note, which is a British sitcom.

Watch Lohan on the Wendy Williams Show.

As of now, Lohan is barely seen in the media and there are no reports about her buying a house or a new car.

Hopefully, the actress will get back on her feet before it gets too late.