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Home Gossip All About American Actress Felicia Day Love Life: Know If She Is Married And Her Past Affair

All About American Actress Felicia Day Love Life: Know If She Is Married And Her Past Affair

Anjali Limbu Lawati Sun May, 2018
All About American Actress Felicia Day Love Life: Know If She Is Married And Her Past Affair

Felicia Day is an American actress, who is popular among her fans for her role as Charlie Bradbury in CW TV series Supernatural. The TV series also stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in the lead. A geek in high school and a valedictorian Felicia is a multi-talented singer, actress, and writer.

She is also the producer of the web series The Guild. She also writes and features on the show. Slayer VI from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a favorite in the geeky world of gamers and vampire loving teenagers. 2017 brought her a new role in her life. She is also a mother to a baby girl.

Felicia Day Is A Single Mother To Calliope Maeve

Felicia Day surprised everybody with her pregnancy news on January 3, 2017. The news not only amazed her fans but the Hollywood paparazzi as well. The news came to public notice in her final month of pregnancy.

She posted her big belly with the happiest smile on her face on her social media accounts.

CAPTION: Felicia Day with her baby Calliope Maeve
SOURCE: Pinterest

Three weeks after her announcement she gave birth to a baby girl on January 30, 2017. It was the first time Felicia became a mother. She shared the news with her fans via Twitter with a post of her baby's tiny feet.

A gamer Felicia named her daughter Calliope Maeve. She was promptly congratulated by her co-star Misha Collins in Instagram.

Who Is She Dating? Nathan Fillion or Patrick Sheane Duncan

Felicia is very secretive and has never openly talked about her personal relationships. Before the birth of Calliope Maeve, she was linked to Nathan Fillion. Nathan Fillion is a popular Canadian actor who is known for his role in Detective series Castle with co-actor Stana Katic that aired from 2009 to 2016.

Felicia and Nathan's Relationship

In 2008, she had once tweeted about her boyfriend picking up vegetables in her kitchen garden. The couple: Felicia and Nathan who met around the same time for the project Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008) could be easily speculated that he was the man that she was referring to as her boyfriend.

CAPTION: Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion
SOURCE: Pinterest

Unfortunately, the couple is no longer together. Besides, Fillion has been with several women including George Clooney's ex-girlfriend Krista Allen. He is in a stable relationship with actress Krista Allen now.

Felicia Day's Secret Lover: Patrick Sheane Duncan

There is another speculation that her long-term secretive lover is none other than the author Patrick Sheane Duncan, who has written books such as Hitler vs Dracula and Mr. Holland's Opus.

It should be either Nathan or Patrick who was plucking vegetables in Felicia's garden back in 2008. We may never know until and unless Felicia opens up about past lover and current relationship.