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Home Gossip Who Is Actor Anthony Michael Hall Dating At Present? His Relationship With Girlfriend Diana Falzone

Who Is Actor Anthony Michael Hall Dating At Present? His Relationship With Girlfriend Diana Falzone

Kurt Tue Jul, 2018
Who Is Actor Anthony Michael Hall Dating At Present? His Relationship With Girlfriend Diana Falzone

Anthony Michael Hall is an American actor who has starred in several teen-oriented films in the 80s. Often typecast as a geeky character in the movies, he found success quite early in his career. Despite often being typecast as a geek, he did not seem to have troubles when it came to the ladies as he has had a good run in his love where he has been in many relationships.

One of his famous relationships was with the Sirius Radio hostess Diana Falzone which made news headline after the relationship was over. If you do not have clues regarding his relationship with Diana and are wondering about his relationship status at present, then you have come to the right place. Find out all about his personal life.

Dark Side Of Hall's Relationship with Falzone

Hall has been in a relationship with many ladies in the past, but none come close to being infamous like that of his relationship with girlfriend Diana Falzone. There are not any concrete evidence as to when the actor had started dating Falzone.

CAPTION: Diana Falzone
SOURCE: zimbio

He only dated Falzone for a brief moment and the two separated soon after. Hall is a private person who does not disclose things about his personal life to the media and the reason for his breakup with Falzone had many scratching heads.

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It was in November 2009 that news surfaced that Halls had stalked and assaulted his then ex-girlfriend Falzone. According to a report, Falzone filed a complaint against Halls claiming he had come to her at around 3 a.m. in an intoxicated state trying to force his way into her home. When she let him in, Halls had slammed her head against the wall.

The case was put up in court where the judge issued a restraining order barring Halls from contacting Diana. It was during this time it came to the public that Anthony was suffering from bipolar disorder. This begged the question as to whether the break up was due to his aggressive nature.

CAPTION: Halls and Sandy Guerard
SOURCE: gettyimages

His ex-girlfriend, an actress Sandy Guerard, who lived with Hall for five years, told the New York Post that she doesn't think Hall would have attacked Falzone.

"Never in over 10 years has this man ever been violent to me. I will stand by him, along with his family, 100 percent. It saddens me to the core that his bipolar disorder, something that is so private, has now become public."- Sandy Guerard

It has left many wondering whether Hall had a dark side to him or if Falzone was making things up to benefit out of Hall.

Who is Halls Dating Currently?

As mentioned before, Halls is secretive when the question comes about his personal life. There has not been any update regarding Halls current relationship status. 

In 2017, he was seen to be dating Lucia Oskerova. He was in an on and off relationship with Lucia, and he had started dating Lucia in 2017 once again.

He had shown interest in being committed to Lucia but there has not been any news regarding them tying the knot.