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Home Gossip Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry's Salary and Net Worth In 2018, His Psychic Abilities

Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry's Salary and Net Worth In 2018, His Psychic Abilities

Blueprince Thu Jul, 2018
Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry's Salary and Net Worth In 2018, His Psychic Abilities

Tyler Henry is a 22-year-old American reality show personality. He is believed to have a supernatural ability that lets him perceive events that are likely to occur in the future. Henry is famous for his TV show “Hollywood Medium” on E! channel, and as a result of this exposure, the 22 years old psychic has become a household name.

He has given his insight to many celebrities on his show and has amassed a huge net worth at a small age. Well, let's find out all about his life, his career and the financial aspects relating to him.

Tyler Henry’s Net worth

Tyler Henry’s career as an actor and psychic has helped him accumulate a huge net worth which is estimated to be around $3 million.

Being a TV psychic, he has a lot of appointments. In his Instagram, he has just announced that 15,000 people are on the waiting list.

CAPTION: Between Two Worlds
SOURCE: simonandschuster

Most of his earnings are from the reality show which is doing its 3rd season run. Further details regarding the appointments or the salary he gets from the show have not been disclosed yet.

Tyler Henry Career And Shows

Tyler Henry is an American who is known for hosting the show “Hollywood Medium”, which is aired on E! Television network. The psychic claimed that he has done readings to 50 celebrities.

Early Career

Henry realized that he had clairvoyance abilities when he was just 10. He started out in school doing readings on teachers and his fellow students. After graduating from high school, he was immediately noticed by E! Television at just 19 years of age.

Hollywood Medium

Henry was 20 when he was offered to host the show Hollywood Medium, which premiered on January 24th, 2016. The show turned out to be a huge success in Tyler’s life and was ready for the filming of the second season.

His reading of Alan Thicke, Robin Thicke’s father was the one that brought him to the top spot. Alan was on the show, just a few months before his death.

On the show, they talked about heart attack, which later turned out be the real reason behind Thicke’s demise.

CAPTION: Tyler with Alan Thicke SOURCE: dailymail

The show has more than 3.2 million viewers, making it the most viewed non-scripted reality show since 2014.

Other works

Tyler has released his own book or a memoir named “Between Two Worlds” which also brought him great success as an author. The book had an outstanding sales return, or that is what Tyler has said to the world.

CAPTION: Tyler on keeping up with the Kardashians
SOURCE: movietvtechgeeks

He has also appeared on E! television’s most viewed reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. On the show, he does a private reading with Kris Jenner while Khloe Kardashian listens to it.