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Yael Grobglas appears in Jane the Virgin and becoming popular

Sujata Shrestha Tue Nov, 2015
Yael Grobglas appears in Jane the Virgin and becoming popular

Israeli actress Yael Grobglas has found new-found fame in popular TV show “Jane the virgin” and is absolutely loving being in the spotlight. Yael is an Israeli actress who is based in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. At tender age of 3, Yael began acting as her parents discovered her interest.

Yael had a brief modeling career with an elite modeling agency before finally finding a break in Israeli TV series “Ha’Yi” which launched her career and made her immensely popular among the Israeli audience.

After finding a big break in the Israeli TV show, Yael played lead roles in numerous roles in Israeli films and shows. The actress was widely appreciated for acting in horror film “Kelavet”, sitcom “The Foxes and famous TV show “Tanuchi”. After finding recognition in Israel for TV appearances and theatre acting, Yael found the big break in USA only in 2012. She acted in a collaborative music video for the American rock band “We the Kings”.

After that Yael got another eminent role in Hollywood in 2013. She acted as a lead in CW’s pilot “The Selection”. But unfortunately Yael did not get selected for the series. The same year, the actress appeared in numerous episodes on CW’s “Reign” as D’Amencourt Olivia.

However, in 2014 Yael bagged one of the main roles in CW’s “Jane the virgin” where she plays Petra Solano, the show’s playful but inventive villain.

Initially, her character Petra was shown as a gold-digger who only seemed to keep her eyes on her spouse’s money but as the show develops her character is developed more strongly, as it circles around past surprises and links that are dangerous for her.

Yael Grobglas has been hugely popular, thanks to her talented acting, loveable character and good looks of course. Nonetheless, Yael has worked very hard to achieve what she has achieved today. She left her already established career in Israel and started from square one in Hollywood. Yael definitely seems to be destiny’s favorite child.