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Published On Nov 20, 2016
Facts of Xian Lim
Date of Birth: 1989 , July-12
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch
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Xian Lim graduated high school in Daly City , California and returned to Philippines to continue his further studies . He attended college as a basketball varsity scholar at the University of East in Manila . Before graduating from college he became involve in modeling and acting .

In 2012 ,there was a rumour that Xian and Kim Chui had an affair and by the end of 2013 July they admitted that they two were in a relationship . They confessed their love to each other in the episode of ABS-CBN talk show Kris Tv . He was the main support to his girlfriend as she had lost her mother .

Lim started his career in the year 2008 and is still active .He started his career as every other actor , in a supporting or a minor role but in one year he got leading role in Katorse ,2009 in television show .He did his first flim in 2010 and has done 12 flims till 2016 .

He is not only good at acting he also has some singing skills .Xian has done studio albums, singles as well as concerts . He has been nominated 39 times for his differet tv shows , flims and songs . Out of 39 times he has won the awards 21 times since 2011 to 2016 .

Lim ethnicity is Chinese-Filipino and his nationality is Filipino . He is of age 27.

The famous Lim has not revealed his net worth and has kept it private but with his amazing basketball skills and singing voice , he participates in different charity programs.In 2012 , he did his charity work with his sweet heart 

Xian Lim

Xian Lim facts on timeline

Xian Lim was born

July 12 , 1989

Xian Lim was born as the only child to father Godofredo Lim-Uy and mother Mary Anne Cruz . His parents later got divorced . Xian was born in San Franciso , California , United states . Both of his parents are Filipinos of Chinese Lineage .

Started his career


In 2008 , when he was 19 years old he started his career . Before getting a graduation degree form University of East from Manila he was already in acting and modelling line . Firstly as any other beginer he landed in minor roles .

Lim got his First lead role


Lim got his first lead role in only one year of straing his career . In 2009 , Lim landed in a lead role in Katorse which was a teen drama and romance . He got the role of Albert Arcangel of ABS-CBN network . His agent is star agent .

Lim did his first two flims


In 2010 , Lim did his first two flims Mamarazzi and two funerals . In one he did lead role whereas in another he performed in supporting role . Mamarazzi was the production of Regal Flims in which he did the role of oscar and Two Funerals was the production of Indie Flim in which he got the role of Gerry

Rumor about his girlfriend


Kim Chui and Lim were on gossip on that they two were dating .In 2011, Xian began courting fellow Star Magic artist and leading lady Kim Chui After much speculation, Lim and Chiu were rumored to be dating by 2012. After many sightings and vacations together overseas.

Charity program with his sweet heart


With Xian Lim's amazing voice as well as his basketball skills he does many charity programs . In 2012 , Lim and lady Kim had done charity program . They had conducted a relief operation in Marikina for city's flood affected victims .

Rumors about Lim's girlfriend cleared.


In 2013 , the rumors about Lim and Kim dating was cleared . They admitted that they two were in love . They confesed their love to each other in the episode of ABS-CBN tal show Kris Tv . Kim also said that her boyfriend is a main support to her after her mother's death .

Currently Xian Lim


Currently Xian Lim is a famous actor , singer and a model . He is very personal about  his net worth and salary . Now , he is of 27 years old . In 2016 he was won 21 awards out of 39 nominations since 2011.