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Home Gossip Xavi said Ronaldo, Suarez and Neymar all below Messi

Xavi said Ronaldo, Suarez and Neymar all below Messi

Richa Sat Jan, 2016
Xavi said Ronaldo, Suarez and Neymar all below Messi

There is the frequent debate within the players among the best is who. There is the high comparison among the stars and the talent between the Messi and Ronaldo who is the heart of Real Madrid. The debate is more than of 12 months going through this Neymar and Suarez is also inspired and influenced across the Barcelona to the European. As winning as the Best football player in the world Xavi who is the legend of Barcelona stated he is the best out of the all over. He further stated though Neymar Suarez and Ronaldo are the best and are playing with their heart but Messi is one step above from them.

Further, as according to Xavi, he stated they are not as same level as to Messi, for reaching to the level of Messi they must have to work a bit harder. The debate always lies over who is better than whom. For this Xavi made the clear justification that Messi is the king of football and is special to the football. He further declared that Football and Messi are now synonyms with his laughing voice. He congratulate Messi upon his success and happy for his achievement.

But this statement made by Xavi, does not dominated the playing styles and popularity of the players like Suarez, Neymar neither the Ronaldo. He clarified his statement saying that they all are best at their own level the only difference among all the others and Messi is that, he is quite forward than others if we compare his playing styles. He is the fans of Messi’s playing styles and his passing and moves. His success is all because of his sincerity in his playing. Xavi also states Neymar is also a good player in deed. Messi is the best and he is out of the excellence in football.