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Home News 19 Years old Girl Burned to Death for Reporting Sexual Harrasment

19 Years old Girl Burned to Death for Reporting Sexual Harrasment

Blueprince Thu Apr, 2019
19 Years old Girl Burned to Death for Reporting Sexual Harrasment

Nusrat Jahan Rafi was set on fire at her school in Bangladesh after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against her headmaster, two weeks earlier.

Nusrat's courage in speaking out against sexual abuses in Bangladesh caused her death five days after being set alight.

The turn of events that happened in-between the tragedy has gripped the entire nation and brought in light the sexual harassment within the country.

Nusrat, who was 19 years of age, was from Feni, a small town 100 miles (160km) from Dhaka.

She was enrolled at a madrassa or Islamic school.

On 27th March, she informed that the headmaster called her into his office and repeatedly touched her in an inappropriate way.

But before things could go out of hand, Nursat ran out.

She filed her complaint at the local police station. 

Nursat was filmed by the officer in charge on his phone as she described the incident.

In the video, Nusrat looks distressed and tries to hide her face with her hands.

The policeman can be heard calling the filed complaint no big deal and tells her to move her hands from her face.

The video was leaked to local media.

Banaj Kumar Majumder, chief of Police Bureau of Investigation informed the media that the criminals wanted to make it look like a suicide.

Their plan failed when Nusrat was rescued after they fled the scene. 

He said,

One of the killers was holding her head down with his hands, so kerosene wasn't poured there and that's why her head wasn't burned.

Nursat was rushed to a local hospital, doctors found burns covering 80% of her body. Unable to treat the burn wounds, the medical workers sent her to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

In the ambulance, fearing she might not survive, she recorded a statement on her brother's mobile phone.

She can be heard saying,

The teacher touched me, I will fight this crime till my last breath, 

According to a statement given by Nusrat, a female classmate took her to the roof of the school, lying one of her friends was getting beaten up.

When she reached the rooftop of the madrasa four or five people, clad in burqas, surrounded Nursat and allegedly pressured her to withdraw her case against the headmaster.

When she refused, they set her on fire.

Nusrat Jahan Rafi also identified some of her attackers as fellow classmates at her madrassa.