Woman Arrested for Posting Nude Photos of Ex-Boyfriend Outside His Young Kids' School

Updated On 28 Dec, 2018 Published On

An Arizona woman, namely Deborah Britton, was arrested on for allegedly putting up her ex-boyfriend's nude photos outside the school where his children study. Police said they took her into custody earlier this month.

According to the Arizona Republic report, Deborah is charged with unlawful distribution of nude images and harassment.

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The court documents obtained showed that photos of a naked man were posted across a fence at Hull Elementary School on September 12.

Two girls reported the pictures to the school. School officials took the images down and notified police. Phoenix's KPNX-TV reported that parents and other students saw the photos.

The man in the photos told police that he had sent his nude photos only to Deborah, 55. She was arrested on November 14 and investigators questioned her about the photos.

However, Deborah says she is not responsible for the fliers claiming that they won't find her fingerprints on the images.

Police later contacted her after they found her fingerprints on one of the photos. Yet, she denies her involvement in the case.

Deborah is scheduled to appear in court January 5.

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