Woman Accusing Ryan Seacrest of Sexual Harassment Pens Essay

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Ryan Seacrest is the latest in the series of Hollywood producers, directors and actors (who can forget Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein) to be accused of sexual misconduct.

Suzie Hardy, once Seacrest’s personal stylist, has accused the host of American Idol and Live With Kelly and Ryan of harassing her sexually, including groping her vagina, grinding his erect penis against her body and slapping her on the butt.

Ryan Seacrest has been accused by Suzie Hardy of sexual misconduct

Ryan Seacrest has been accused by Suzie Hardy of sexual misconduct

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 Hardy’s allegations came to surface back in November last year. However, Ryan Seacrest defended himself against the accusations back then.

In February 2018, Hardy went public with her story and now, more than a month later, she has come out with a column for the Hollywood Reporter. Editors at THR said that they confirmed “a police report has been filed and is being investigated.”

Ryan Seacrest and Suzie Hardy

Ryan Seacrest and Suzie Hardy

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Regarding her decision to speak out about the incident, Hardy said,

Ryan chose to immediately author a guest column in the Hollywood Reporter falsely claiming he had been vindicated and attempting to portray himself as the victim. I finally said ‘enough is enough’ and went public with my name and the ugly details of what I endured.

Hardy also added that despite the allegations, Seacrest continues to appear on his shows and has the support of the network behind him.

Hardy further said that she was inspired by the survivors of the Parkland High School shooting to continue to tell her story

In response, Seacrest’s attorney, Andrew Baum, issued a statement, saying,

After Mr. Seacrest denied each and every one of Ms. Hardy’s decade old claims, after Mr. Seacrest refused to pay Ms. Hardy any money whatsoever, and after an independent legal investigation did not support her claims, Ms. Hardy went to the press attacking the legitimacy of the investigation. Now, after being refused money and unhappy with the independent legal investigation, Ms. Hardy now claims to have spoken to the authorities. We will continue to cooperate and we remain confident that Mr. Seacrest will once again be cleared of any wrongdoing.