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Home Gossip WNBA player Cappie Pondexter rumored to have no boyfriend as no info of her dating hits the news

WNBA player Cappie Pondexter rumored to have no boyfriend as no info of her dating hits the news

Rabina Koirala Sun Jul, 2016
WNBA player Cappie Pondexter rumored to have no boyfriend as no info of her dating hits the news

WNBA has long been said to be in favor of encouraging LGBTQ community. This is particularly because of their marketing campaign back in 2011 which focused specifically on the LGBTQ fan base of the association. This bold strategy of the Women's National Basketball Association was equally praised and criticized- praised for being dynamic as the time demanded, and criticized either for doing this reactively rather than proactively or by homophobes. Whatever the background and foreground are to this issue, the fact cannot be denied that many top WNBA players have proudly proclaimed their sexuality and kicked asses in the courts.

Our Chicago Sky star Cappie Pondexter, on the other hand, is a shy birdie. During the time when her counterparts were opening up, she remained as silent and as private as ever. Even when she was at the peak of her fame back in 2011, when she was voted in by fans as one of the Top 15 players in WNBA history, she shied away from many interviews. This 33-year-old Hoops star is reluctant to speak about her personal affairs.


This aversion to revealing private matters maybe because of her past experiences. It is rumored that when she was in her late teens, her boyfriend (or a friend) turned out to be a crazy stalker. The ordeal had ended with the accused proving to be guilty and serving probation along with a restraining order. That led to the much-needed breakup and we can only be grateful that she was not married to that convict.


Actually, I CAN

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The media and public exposure don’t seem to fit well with Pondexter on the whole.


Cappie has not been on the news for gossips related to her boyfriends or to her alleged good friends. She seems to be all about her game. Even after being featured in one the leading lesbian magazines, we don't know for sure if we should even be looking at that direction for news about her. Maybe we have not yet heard of boyfriend rumors because it is not her "field". Cappie might be gay like many of her fellow mates. Being the camera shy person that she is, she might be choosing to stay out of the limelight for this particular issue.

Her Instagram feeds is covered with her game snaps and her with her fellow ladies. She is hardly ever seen with a guy so finding a picture of her potential date is next to impossible. 

However, she has shared a picture that can be classified as upper level personal for Cappie's standards. She had shared a photo of her godson through her Instagram. 


Tell me what 2 week old doing this ? My stink man a boss!!! @rayuanaaleyce I can't !!!! #mygodsonrocks

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That's cute. She does seem very fond of her godson. So can we assume that she does actually have plans to have some of her own in the future? We will keep our ears sharp for any news about her boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Well, we sure do love this star and love to see her scrappy play, quick crossovers, and midrange jumpshot, but we would be happy to know at least something more about her affairs from herself.  Let’s keep our hopes high.