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Home Gossip With annual salary of $7million and a whopping net worth, Bret Baier one of the highest Fox earners

With annual salary of $7million and a whopping net worth, Bret Baier one of the highest Fox earners

Ashmita Karki Sun Aug, 2016
With annual salary of $7million and a whopping net worth, Bret Baier one of the highest Fox earners

Bret Baier is a very famous name in the television industry. He is the chief political anchor on Fox News and an amazing host. He is best known for his show “Special Report with Bret Baier”. Looking at his career, we can certainly say that he has earned a tremendous amount of money till date. Bret Baier’s salary is $7 million and if that’s not enough for you, Bret actually has an estimated net worth of $16 million. 


picture: Bret Baier



Bret is a 1970-born graduate with Arts degree in political science and English. Before working for the Fox News, Bret worked for several TV channels such as Rockford’s local station, WRAL-TV, etc.


picture: Bret Baier with his co-workers


Bret Baier is in his mid-forties and has earned a tremendous amount of success, money, fame, power and love which a man cannot earn even in his lifetime. His $7 million salary increases his net worth each year. However, he deserves each penny of his net-worth. He is a very hard-working, punctual, dedicated and a wise man who inspires many youths and adults worldwide. The best part of him is his powerful hosting capability and deep knowledge of the subjects.


picture: Bret Bair giving a speech after winning the Kenneth Tomlinson Award


His hard work is appreciated by many and that's the reason behind his huge achievement. He is also a recipient of many honorable awards. Some of them include Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award for Oustanding journalism, a top journalism award at the annual gala for the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program, etc.



picture: Bret Baier at his workplace


Bret’s journey at Fox News is very interesting. He got hired as the network’s Atlanta bureau chief because of the impression he made in an audition tape which was sent by him to the Fox News in 1998. We can say that he is fully devoted towards his work. During the 9/11 attack on the twin towers, Bret drove all the way from Virginia to Arlington just to cover the attack. Later, he traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq in order to cover hot news and related stories there.



Talking about his personal life, Bret is married to Amy Baier and has two lovely sons, Daniel Baier and Paul Francis Baier. His family is complete, happy and very supportive. 


picture: Bret Baier with his wife Amy and two sons.


Looking overall at his work we are highly impressed by his salary and net worth. Thus, we can say that Bret is not just hard-working but he is one of the highest earners of the Fox News network.