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Home Gossip William Devane and his Wife Eugenie Devane Married for 55 years Without a single Divorce Issue

William Devane and his Wife Eugenie Devane Married for 55 years Without a single Divorce Issue

Ashmita Karki Fri Sep, 2016
William Devane and his Wife Eugenie Devane Married for 55 years Without a single Divorce Issue

The work of American TV, film and theater actor William Devane is known by many but how many of you know about his personal life? Devane is married to Eugenie Devane. Their marriage is not just about yesterday. It has already been 55 years of their togetherness as a husband and wife. Isn't it so amazing?

image: William Devane and Eugenie Devane

William Devane and Eugenie Devane's marriage

image: William Devane

Devane married Eugenie in 1961. According to sources, William dated many women before Eugenie. His good looks and charms attracted many women during his young age. He is said to have had many girlfriends during college days. But after the arrival of Eugenie, his life took another turn. Devane and Eugenie must have dated for some time before getting married. Their decision of choosing one another as their life partners turns out to be one of the best decisions of their life. This is because, even after many years, this couple is still strong and going well in their relationship.

William Devane and Eugenie Devane's children

image: William Devane with his son Joshua Devane

William is 79 years old at present but his love for his wife is still like any young couple. William and Eugenie together have one son named Joshua Devane, who is very successful himself. However, there is some information on the internet that says, the Devane couple has a daughter as well. However, there is not more detail about it so we cannot say how true this information is.

William Devane and Eugenie's current relation

image: William Devane from 'Hero to Eternity'

Devane’s career and his love life are going side by side without any obstacles. During the Devane couple’s relationship, William never cheated or deceived his wife. He never had a girlfriend or an extramarital affair. Similarly, his wife has also been very faithful towards him. Therefore, this couple has already completed their 55 years of married life without a rumor of divorce. 
Trust and loyalty are the two ultimate keys to successful married life, and the Devane couple seems to make those their motto. That’s why unlike others their marriage never failed.

More about William Devane:

What is William Devane's full name?

Devane’s full name is William Joseph Devane.

When and where was William Devane born?

William Devane was born on 5th September 1937 in Albany, New York.

Who is William Devane's father?

He is the son of the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s chauffeur, Joseph Devane.

What are William Devane's academic qualifications?

William is the American Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate in New York City.

What is William Devane famous for?

He has done many amazing movies and TV series in his life but he is mostly known for his role as Greg Sumner on 'Knots Landing'.