Wikileaks founder Julian Assange still locked in Ecuador's London embassy

Updated On 05 Apr, 2016 Published On

People are in confusion asking time and again why Julian Assange is locked inside Ecuador’s London Embassy. More than 3 years before of time the founder of WikiLeakes moved into the embassy of Ecuador in London because of his personal work but he is until today still presented over there which is amazing and interesting to get might get confused on who the person actually is Julian, he is the owner of WikiLeaks who is 43 years by now working as a computer hacker belonging from Australia. Starting this site from 2006 is currently inside Ecuadorian Embassy and people are in doubt whether he will be coming back or not.

Due to his presence in London meeting 2 women and having sex with them he got filed for rape and molestation which fact is denied by him time and again. He got arrested and the police who are enrolled within the embassy by now is neglecting him to get out of the embassy and allow to leave. The other once are saying he will be sending back to Sweden by his people. Though he has not been victimized by any crime yet still there is a warrant to arrest him in the year 2010 allegations.

Julian being 6 feet 2 inches in tall is silent about his personal information. It is said that he is a married with having a wife. But still he seems he is not happy with his married life though they are not divorce yet. His extra affair and dating might also be the reason behind their unhappy married life but Julian has not flashed any of the information related to his wife. Julian is a very progressive person by his nature but his personal life seems not so happy and satisfactory. Even there is no any proper indication about his wife whom he got married with.