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Home Gossip Why did Vine star Jerome Jarre, had to confirm he was not gay. What's his latest net worth?

Why did Vine star Jerome Jarre, had to confirm he was not gay. What's his latest net worth?

Saja Sunuwar Sun Jul, 2016
Why did Vine star Jerome Jarre, had to confirm he was not gay. What's his latest net worth?

Jerome Jarre, one of the most popular Vine stars, confirms he is not a gay because recently, he is dating rock star Bono’s daughter Jordan Hewson. Jordan revealed the news that he is dating entrepreneur Jerome Jarre and shared a lot of pictures on Instagram and other social sites.

26-year-old social media star Jerome started dating 27 years old Jordan in January 2015. According to Jordan, first time they met in New York. They both enjoyed their weekend by visiting several places such as Indonesia, Bali, Istanbul, Turkey and they shared their romantic pictures on social network.

Jarre is followed by 8.6 million followers on Vine. So now you are curious about Jarre’s net worth. To increase his net worth, he worked very hard from the beginning. Once he was invited to New York by a big ad agency which offered him $1 million for an ad campaign for a year but he refused the offer. He doesn't want to earn at the expense of going against his beliefs. According to New York magazine, Jerome's earning is $4,166 per seconds for his branded video for companies and $4,000 for a video is a lowest earning. His net worth is $3million. But there is no mention about his salary per month from his company.

To become popular is not everyone's cup of tea, shooting a lot of funny or prank brand new video creates sometimes controversy. One of the controversies of Jarre was in 2014 October 28 when he tweeted “landing in Miami in 3 minutes about to be arrested. I need your help” while he was shooting in American airlines. “#AmericanAirlinesCHILLOUT” was a trending topic at that time in America till Jerome tweeted “I AM FREE” with his picture. Though internet biggest video star continued his work of making 6 seconds funny video clip from 2013, when he came to knew that new apps Vine was released. At the very beginning, he uploaded 6 seconds video which is not liked by others because that video is a quite boring. But he never gave up; he uploaded another video second times where he did a goofy dance and liked by 16 unknown persons. That 16 likes changed his life and now he is a most followed person on Vine. 

He was born on June 12, 1990, in France, Albertville and raised by single mother Agnes Jarre. His father left her mom. He belongs to a french family background. During his school life, he was bullied by others. He dropped out of his business school and headed toward China. After that, Toronto worked as an entrepreneur but he was not satisfied with his life and work till he found Vine and now he is engaged with Grape house production and is the co-founder of the mobile-first marketing agency.