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Home Gossip Michael Clarke Duncan's Untimely Death Left The World Stunned: His Net Worth, Career, & Awards

Michael Clarke Duncan's Untimely Death Left The World Stunned: His Net Worth, Career, & Awards

Bibs Sun May, 2018
Michael Clarke Duncan's Untimely Death Left The World Stunned: His Net Worth, Career, & Awards

American Actor and Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan was an exceptional actor who left his precious works of art in movies like The Green Mile, Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards and The Scorpion King. He was a goldmine of cinematic talent who has inspired a lot of young actors. Duncan isn't with us anymore but his work has engraved his name with gold letters in the movie industry.

As a tribute to him and his work in the movie industry, let's go through the book of his life by turning the pages of his story. We will be basically talking about his career, net worth, and awards he received throughout his life.

The Pre-Famous Duncan: Odd Jobs and Early Acting Career

While trying to secure some acting work in commercials, Michael Clarke Duncan took some security jobs in Los Angeles. He worked as a security guard for celebrities like Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, The Notorious B.I.G and so on.

In 1997, the rapper Notorious B.I.G was murdered and he left the personal security business.

He was portrayed as a bouncer in movies like Bulworth and A Night at the Roxbury. Duncan, still in his early acting phase, was struggling until he came into prominence when he played the role of Bear in the Michael Bay movie Armageddon

Career Milestones and Awards

During the production of Armageddon, he became close to Bruce Willis who helped him to score the role of John Coffey in The Green Mile. After doing this movie, there was a wave of movies that wanted to cast Duncan. He ultimately got roles in The Whole Nine Yards, See Spot Run, Planet of the Apes, The Scorpion King, and Daredevil.

For his role in The Green Mile, he got nominations for The Academy Awards and The Golden Globe Awards. He also won several awards that include Broadcast Film Critics' Association Award, ShoWest Award, and Black Reel Award.

Michael Clarke Duncan's Net Worth

In 2010, Michael bought a 7-bedroom, 7-bath home for $1.05 million. He has supported many foundations that include PETA, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association and Safety Harbor Kids. While he was alive, his net worth stood at $18 million. 

CAPTION: Michael Clarke Duncan in the poster of PETA

Further details regarding his assets are currently unknown. 

His Untimely Demise

On 13 July 2013, Michael Clarke Duncan was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center after suffering a heart attack. Reportedly, he girlfriend performed CPR. His publicist issued a statement that said he was moved from the ICU but remained hospitalized. 

CAPTION: Michael Clarke Duncan's Funeral
SOURCE: NY Daily News

The third of September became the unfateful day in which he met his untimely demise. 

Michael Clarke Duncan, despite leaving the human world, will always be remembered in the film industry.