Why did drummer Ashton Irwin hate his band, 5 seconds of summer, at first?

Updated On 02 May, 2016 Published On

Ashton Irwin, who has risen to the heights of fame at a small age and has a net worth of 3 million dollars, has revealed that he hated his band 5 Seconds of Summer at first. But the question that has come up on the minds of all the fans of the band is what might be the reason behind it? The last member to join the band has revealed this information himself and has been very candid in regards to his thoughts about the band. His success has risen after he joined the band and it seems highly improbable for the singer to hate the band that he is a member of.

The reason behind Ashton hating 5 seconds of Summer is not a grave one. He went on state that he hated the band only because they seemed to be constantly forgetting their lines when showcasing their talent through their YouTube account. He considered this to be a problem of the band. The singer, who has been very honest about his personal life details, revealed his anger against the band because they forgot their lines. This star came out about his depression issues back in 2015 and seems to have gotten over it now. He has also stated that he looked up to the bandmate Luke Hemmings for a support in the matter and this has helped him a lot.

Drummer Ashton has become hugely popular after joining 5SoS. He has been known to have been in an affair with the beauties such as Sydney Lynn, Ashley Frangipane, Alexa Dellnos, and Nicole Kazan on several occasions. He has also been known to have dated Bianca Rose, Gemma Style, and Bryana Holly. He has no girlfriend now but seems to be at the height of his career. This personality known for his quotes has stated facts about his personal life and acts like a dad to his siblings. He surely will be more popular in the music industry in the days to come.